Ipluso meanings | Vientiane series new shelves, 11.11 pre-sale in advance

High value. Girl heart. Hipster icon. Literary youth.
Designer original stationery brand with almost no discount

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Vientiane series pen new shelves

The inspiration was inspired by the scholars and scholars of the Republic of China. It was inherited from the gentle temperament of the ancient literati, and collided with the fashionable western culture. Freedom and thoughts merged together to blend the real and open world.

Germany imported pen tip, excellent writing performance, flexible pen tip freely; ingenious craftsmanship, resin material from Taiwan, to create a light and transparent pen body, like the literati in the Republic of China;
Each pen has its own unique texture, vintage enamel texture and blue, purple blend, set off the modern and modest writer temperament.

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Popular TOP City Series Pen Gift Box Tri-Color Collection

Trendy design city series pen ink gift box, three sets of collections first drop 140 yuan. Germany imported pen tip word brushing essential, matte texture pen feel comfortable, writing belongs to their own inner world.

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Sweet and delicious mint green, fresh cactus pen gift box

The fresh color of the net red cactus, full of dreamy two-color girl nail polish. Expressing girlfriend, friends birthday, beauty and self-use, are exquisite and interesting eye-catching gifts.

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She must like, 50ml color ink gift set

I have heard a consumer love story. He has a crush on a girl. She likes to make a pocket account. So he bought a lot of colorful ink and the girl said: To exchange ink and pack it! Finally, success catches up. Maybe you and the goddess are only bad. A set of colorful ink?

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Love lucky color, Je t' amie 'I love you' pen gift box

Urban girl's heart is good, save the straight man's gift survival guide. Love lucky red nail polish with pen, fashionable girl's matching artifact, from the fingertip beauty to the nib, she must like it!

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