Beautiful direct-drive washing machine: Give you a tangible quality experience

As one of the most popular household appliances, washing machines are now in the process of upgrading in China. According to statistics, there are 94.20 households in China's urban residents, and 84 households in rural areas. The number of rural households is as high as 84. The development focus of the washing machine industry, grasping the trend of consumption upgrading, the United States also put forward more requirements in the washing machine technology innovation and products, not only in the aesthetics to give users a spirit of echo, but also in function to improve the user experience.

Direct drive air wash, quality experience can be seen by everyone

Regarding the user experience of the washing machine, big data shows that it is stable and durable, and silent operation is always the most concerned by many consumers. The traditional direct drive adopts PP rotor plastic shell structure, poor stability and high temperature flammability, and the safety index is not high. Toshiba DD inverter motor, high efficiency and durability. Toshiba Motor, which is the world's leading direct drive technology, has proven its quality.

Not only that, but in the design, the beautiful direct-drive washing machine also let us see the new idea. Compared with the uniform design, the beauty of the direct-drive washing machine overall 'Bach Silver' color, fashion and classic, the facade is similar to the classic black film The large-eyed window presents an elegant visual effect, while also making the laundry dynamic at a glance.

For the 'face value', it is also to match the strong strength of the product. The original unique air-washing technology, no dry cleaning, no washing. The fabric is air-flowed, pressure-expanded and soft-finished, so that the fabric fibers are fully stretched and the fabric is restored. Soft and elastic, wrinkle-renewing, fresh and deodorant, moisturizing and moisturizing, sterilizing and removing mites, reducing the luster of clothes. The commonly used pillows in the home, children's plush toys, air washing function can make them both fluffy and soft. Warm and dry.

Large-capacity silk wash, life is to enjoy

People's imagination, satisfaction and happiness in life are closely related to the products of different eras. In the 1980s, our quality life was inseparable from the 'old three', and nowadays, the upgraded household appliances represented by direct-drive inverter washing machines have become The guarantee of quality life.

In modern society, everyone is busy with work and does not have enough time to take care of housework. Daily change of clothes, seasonal bedding and clothing are often easy to accumulate, causing invisible pressure on life. The beautiful direct-drive washing machine has a large capacity of 10kg, whether it is a wool blanket. Large clothing such as coats and down jackets, or large items such as bed sheets and quilts. A washing machine can easily wash and solve the troubles of accumulating clothes.

Of course, there are not only a large number of daily wearing clothes, but also a small amount of precious fabrics, silk materials and other high-end goods. High-end clothing is too troublesome to wash, and some people worry that frequent washing will damage clothing, so even if you buy high-end goods, you dare not More wear and more. In order to solve this worries, the beauty of the direct-drive washing machine features a silk soft wash function, giving the 'precious' clothing light finger care, no need to hand wash, easy to care for silk and other high-end clothing, so that users can enjoy peace of mind life.

The person in charge of the washing machine in the United States said that we think that the experience of the washing machine should be visible and tangible. The innovation of the design can be seen, the texture of the user after washing, the good product not only has to solve the troubles for the user. , more to become a source of happiness in people's lives.