⑥ the waist as low as possible, legs and buttocks into a vertical angle. How should the cling film lean legs be used correctly?

1, slimming with a cling film is just an illusion.

In fact, the preservation film weight loss method is mainly through sweating to eliminate body moisture to achieve the goal of weight loss, minus is not fatty fat, its principle and diuretics are similar, and can not fundamentally lose weight, and then drink water or eat it is easy to bounce back.

Moreover, long-term loss and weight loss will also increase the reduction of electrolytes, easy to produce fatigue and adverse to health.

2, cling film easy to cause eczema, folliculitis and other skin diseases

The body is wrapped in cling film, long time down the body can not breathe normally, many metabolic products can not be removed in time for the body, at the same time the skin can not dissipate heat so that sweat accumulation in the local, such a situation is easy to cause eczema, folliculitis and other skin diseases. Note: Many people find that every time after using the cling film, feel itchy, then do not scratch hard.

If you scratch hard, it is easy to scratch the body out of the bruises.

3, with cling film easy to produce allergies, bacterial infections, etc.

Wrap the body with cling film, especially when exercising with cling film more causes sweat can not be normal evaporation, it is easy to produce other side effects, such as skin allergy, bacterial infection and so on, but also may cause skin heatstroke, then it is not worth it.

4, cling film weight loss will be abnormal cell metabolism excessive water loss The body is wrapped in a cling film, and the cells lose too much water because they cannot metabolize properly.

Water loss is a symptom of metabolic disorders that can cause collapse and even life-threatening injuries in severe cases.

The right way to keep thin legs of cling film

1, the use of cling film thin leg before you have to massage acupoints, including three Yin Acupoint, three-legged acupoint and Volt rabbit cave, each massage more than 10 seconds, repeated massage three times.

2, each hand to take a coarse salt, sitting in a chair, with water to wet the legs, the hands of the coarse salt evenly applied to the thighs, and then with fists back and forth to wipe the thighs for 5 minutes.

3, when the leg is pushed and rubbed, wrap the thigh with a cling film, remove the cling film after 10 minutes, rinse clean with warm water.

How long does the cling film have a thin leg effect? Fresh-keeping film thin legs do not have much effect, this thin leg way although there is a lot of controversy, in fact, this does not have to worry too much.

In fact, light with cling film thin legs is not scientific, because with the use of words can play a very good effect.

① in the thighs and thighs and buttocks fat accumulation more places, you may wish to apply some can burn fat slimming cream, which can play a very good effect on the decomposition of fat, and there are many such products on the market can be selected for everyone.

② after applying the slimming cream, you may want to continue to wrap up elastic bandages.

③ coated with frozen liquid and remove the bandage immediately after 45 minutes. ④ cling film thin leg is more useful, after bathing, immediately apply on the coarse salt, and then use the cling film to wrap its legs well.

After sweating, wipe clean with a cold towel, which can make the skin of both legs look softer and smoother, and also take elasticity Oh!

⑤ legs open, slightly wider shoulders, both hands hold the heel.

⑥ the waist as low as possible, legs and buttocks into a vertical angle. How should the cling film lean legs be used correctly?