Exercise choice for exercising your legs

What is the elephant's leg?

Elephant legs look as thick and strong as elephants, mostly due to fat accumulation in the legs.

The elephant leg is reduced. The elephant leg is a name for the person with thick legs. It describes the leg as the elephant. The whole foot is thick. The trouble of the elephant leg MM is how to hide the imperfect leg shape. Elephant legs have always been the pain of many female friends, and they look bloated and 'burly'.

An important reason for the formation of elephant legs is 'fatigue,' no matter how high the fat or calories are, there is no scruples. So with the accumulation of fat, the legs will not become more and more coarse. It is the so-called elephant leg.

The reason for the formation of hereditary elephant legs is not the same, it is innocent. It is controlled by genetics, that is to say with parents or relatives with direct blood, and it is not random.

The skinny elephant legs are effective for three days.

Front thigh exercise

Continue to exchange two leg exercises, can effectively help the thigh muscles to tighten, and thus achieve the purpose of thin thighs. A total of 3 steps, repeat 12 times.

1. Open your legs and shoulder width, hands clench your fists, bend your elbows up, put your fists on the front and left sides of your forehead, and look straight ahead.

2. On the basis of the previous step, lean forward and raise your right leg so that the right leg is close to the abdomen. The curved arm is on both sides of the right leg. The left leg is slightly bent to help the body balance.

3. Quickly kick the right leg forward and kick as high as possible. Then turn your hands from the original curved state to the downward straight. After the whole set of movements, change the other leg to repeat the above exercise, legs. Exchanging exercises complete the exercise on the front side of the thigh.

Exercise behind the thigh

The lack of straightness in the waist and legs can easily lead to imbalance of the chicken in the knees and legs, so the rear of the thigh and the position of the waist can make the body develop better, especially for the normal long-body youth. A total of 3 steps, repeat 12 times.

1, the body is naturally lying on the ground, hands on both sides of the waist, legs bent up, knees close together, a towel in the middle between the thigh and knee position, the feet can be separated from the shoulder width.

2, use the strength of the buttocks to make the back straight, so that the waist and hip legs are on the same line. Avoid the towel should not slip, hands and feet are on the ground, to avoid the body losing balance and causing it to fall to the ground.

3, pick up the toes, heel touch the ground, the thighs remain clamped. Hold this action for about 1 minute, then slowly return to the original position.

Exercise slender calf & ankle movement

This set of movements mainly consists of exercising the ankle joint and the calf. The left and right alternate movements are repeated about 20 times.

1. With your hands on your hips, your eyes are looking straight ahead, your right foot is sticking forward, your toes are on the ground, and your heels are raised.

2, the right leg slightly bends the knee, put the body center of gravity on the right leg, slowly protruding the pelvic position to the right. Be sure to keep the back straight.

3, the upper body remains motionless, the left leg takes a step forward, the right foot tiptoe touches the ground, the heel lifts up. After completing this set of actions, you can change the other leg for the same exercise.

Exercise calf

Inappropriate exercise of the calf muscles can easily lead to a very strong calf, affecting the overall aesthetics of the legs, so it is necessary to do more reasonable skinny leg movements to improve this situation. Each leg can be exercised about 20 times.

1. With your hands on your hips, take your left leg backwards and step on the ground. Place your feet on your right leg.

2, the body leans forward, the right leg bends, so that the waist hips and the left leg are on the same line. Repeat the movement forward, this action is suitable when going up the stairs, that is, not taking time, and doing a reasonable exercise.