In fact, healthy thin is the most beautiful, thin premise should be good health. What kind of calf is more fat?

How much is the calf leg circumference?

Related to their own height, the general calf leg circumference is more than 20% of the height.

Healthy American Leg Standard 1:

The difference between the calf belly and the ankle thickness is about 15 centimeters.

Standard 2 for healthy and beautiful legs:

Thighs: Height (cm) x0.26+7.8.

Calf: Height (cm) x0.18; The proportion of the calf is about 17%-21% of the height is normal.

Ankle: calf (cm) x0.59.

Ideal standard circumference of the legs (circumference of the thickest part of the leg)

Ideal size for thighs = height x (0.29 to 0.3) cm

Ideal size for calf = height x (0.2 to 0.21) cm

Ideal size for ankle = height x 0.118 cm

How much is the calf leg circumference?

When measuring the calf circumference, the subject should open the same shoulder width on both legs, and the tester will place the soft tape measure on the side in the strongest leg of the measured calf for one week, measured in centimeters (cm), accurate to one decimal place, and the measurement error must not exceed 0.5cm.

Proportional coordination of the legs, generally speaking, the ideal standard circumference of the thighs = height x (0.29 to 0.3) cm, the ideal standard circumference of the calf = height x (0.2 to 0.21) cm, in line with this ratio, indicating that there is a healthy and proportional pair of beautiful legs.

How much leg circumference counts as chopsticks legs

Depending on each other, leg circumference is generally almost the same as calf and thigh thickness known as chopsticks legs. The data showed that when the legs were surrounded by 60cm, the leg circumference was negatively correlated with cardiovascular morbidity and total mortality. In other words, the finer the thighs, the shorter the life span. However, do not ignore the premise, leg circumference 60cm limit.

More than 60cm, there is no benefit in having the legs thicker. In fact, too fat and too thin are easy to lead to short life. There are many studies showing a relationship between the onset of thin and type two diabetes in the lower extremities.

If you're a pear-shaped figure with a thinner upper body than the lower body, it's probably not the kind of fat figure that's known later--the familiar Apple type, the same body mass index of two bodies, the big belly of the apple figure is more dangerous than the pear-shaped figure of a big, thick leg.

Elderly Compared to young people, if the old man's legs are thick, it is a good thing. There are healthy and powerful legs can walk autonomously, is the body function is also a good symbol.

Conversely, if the body has a variety of chronic diseases, such as hypertension diabetes, etc., it can lead to dull legs or poor bone prone to fracture.

Young man Everyone should find that people who exercise don't have a pair of small legs. If you are a fitness group, it is necessary to strengthen cardiopulmonary function during exercise, so having a healthy heart is a prerequisite.

If you have a slender waist, it means you already have good fitness habits and eating habits. Nowadays popular thin and beautiful, from the entertainment circle stars can see, whether male stars or female stars, are only for thin and thin.

In fact, healthy thin is the most beautiful, thin premise should be good health. What kind of calf is more fat?