How to lose weight in calf scraping?

Is the calf scraping scraping from the bottom up?

The calf scraping can be scraped from top to bottom and from bottom to top. You can choose according to your own habits.

From top to bottom

From the buttocks to the knees, the outer part of the thigh is the gallbladder. Many sisters are used to knocking the gallbladder with their fists. From the buttocks to the knees along the outside of the thighs, about 100 times in the morning and evening, I have to say, knocking the gallbladder The stovepipe will get twice the result with half the effort! Because the blood will flow into the gallbladder around 11 o'clock in the evening, don't massage and scrape the gallbladder at this time, don't scrape it, the same 'liver and gallbladder', so don't shave the liver.

Our scraping is nothing more than along the meridians. Many meridian massages, scraping care, etc. The general principle is to massage from top to bottom, scraping, no doubt. The outer side of our thighs and calves, the inside, the front side, etc. The whole leg can be scraped from the top to the bottom along the meridian.

From bottom to top

There is also a case where varicose veins or edema should be scraped from the bottom up. People who are sedentary for a long time will be particularly prone to edematous legs or some varicose veins, because the lower limb microcirculation will be poor in this group of people. Therefore, scraping from the bottom up can make the blood flow back, promote blood circulation and improve the edema of the lower extremities and varicose veins.

In this kind of situation, the speed should be slowed down from the bottom to the top, and the intensity should be gentle. In addition, it should also be reminded that often the sedentary can do more small stovepipe exercise, often move more, massage more, can effectively prevent the lower body Obesity, the formation of edema-type thick legs and varicose veins.

Schematic diagram of the method of scraping the calf

Before we start scraping, we have to choose a special scraping board. Most of the scraping board is made of materials such as horns and jade that are not easy to scratch the skin. Before starting scraping, we need to apply grease containing grease such as scraping oil to the scraped area. , to avoid scratching the skin.

Then sit on the edge of the bed or on the chair and put the legs naturally perpendicular. On the legs that have been applied with oil, scrape from the ankles to the knees from the bottom. Remember to scrape back and forth in one direction, especially with edema. Legs must follow this direction, otherwise it may cause counter-effects. 20-30 minutes per day, about 100 times, the force of the scraping should also be controlled, not the harder the better, the strength is controlled within the range that you can bear.

What are the benefits of calf scraping?

Can dredge the network

Female friends often wear high-heeled shoes. The muscles of the legs are often in a state of tight contraction. Scraping can relieve muscle pain and relieve the painful lesions; relieve muscle tension, and significantly reduce the pain symptoms, but also help the recovery of the lesions.

Can stovepipe

Now our body is constantly carrying on metabolism every day. A lot of toxins are deposited in the pores under our skin. If it is scraped, it will allow the wastes in the body to be excreted in the body to make the blood flow more smoothly and restore the nature. Metabolic vitality.