Does the stovepipe needle affect the movement after it is finished?

Can you exercise after you have finished the stovepipe needle?

You can't exercise after you have finished the stovepipe needle. You can wait for it to recover before you can exercise properly.

The stovepipe needle is to uniformly inject the botulinum toxin type A into the calf muscle of the calf. It only needs to select a few points in the calf muscle hypertrophy on the 2 side, and it can be done in an appropriate amount. It takes only 10 minutes to complete, 1~2 About a month later, the muscle volume will be reduced, the calf will become thinner, and the legs will be slender and beautiful. The skinny legs can be exercised, but the skinny needles can not be moved immediately after the injection, and the rest of the legs need to be rested. It is fully absorbed, and if you need to exercise and run vigorously, you need to wait for the calf to recover completely.

How long does it take to exercise the stovepipe?

After finishing the stovepipe, you must wait for the leg muscles to return to normal to exercise.

Just taking a stovepipe needle treatment requires rest and rest at home, so that the legs gradually absorb the thin-legged needle components. In the short time after treatment, the beauty seeker needs to take a slow walk or a slight leg exercise to gradually adapt the legs. After the leg tissue is fully restored, the proper running exercise can be carried out. At the same time, the beauty seeker should also do the nursing work of the leg, which not only can speed up the recovery of the leg tissue, but also maintain the ideal stovepipe effect.

Of course, the beauty seeker may have weakened leg strength due to the effect of the stovepipe needle in a short period of time, but after a certain period of time, the function of the leg can return to normal. It is worth noting that the stovepipe needle was performed. After the treatment, the beauty seeker needs to control his own sports. After the leg muscles return to normal level, if the beauty seeker still does too much physical exercise, it is still possible to cause the leg muscles and the overall appearance again. Proportional imbalance.

Precautions for finishing the stovepipe needle

1, after the injection of the stovepipe needle for a month, it is forbidden to make facial massage, hot compress, 揉搓 normal diet, work and rest, the skinny calf effect can be maintained for a long time.

2, after the injection of the stovepipe needle will feel fatigue, early can have walking weakness, soreness, this is normal, no need to be nervous.

3, injection of stovepipe needles within a week carefully use gentamicin anti-inflammatory drugs. Avoid eating hard shell food; fasting within a week of spicy, seafood food, avoid alcohol and tobacco.

4, repeated injections can strengthen and prolong the effect, but should be 3-4 months after injection.

5, people suffering from neuromuscular disease and in pregnancy and lactation banned skinny legs.

6, a small number of people may be insensitive to the drug and the effect is not obvious, so after the injection of stovepipe 2 weeks should be a follow-up.