In addition to reducing the absorption of salt, diet can also eat more potassium foods, because potassium helps to drain excess salt in the body, potassium foods include tomatoes, bananas, potatoes, c

Can the calf muscles slowly rub off? Calf muscles can be slowly rubbed off, but the need for long-term persistence to have an effect, but also massage the correct acupoint effect is better.

Massage can be comfortable through the tongluo, blood detoxification, rapid circulation, the body will have enough energy to eliminate garbage, the body of edema, toxins will naturally be removed, massage the thigh area will naturally thin down.

1, press the rabbit hole. When your hands droop naturally, your middle finger happens to fall on the rabbit's Den. Click, is not a little sore feeling? Press the rabbit hole more, which has a good effect on your thigh obesity, especially the fat on the front of the thigh. In addition, the rabbit hole can also stop low back pain and knee cold. Hold for 5 seconds at a time, for 10 minutes per day.

Acupoint Massage is the most convenient and direct, but also the most effective thin leg method, can stimulate the acupoint to promote leg detoxification, improve leg circulation, to achieve the goal of thin legs.

2, press Sea When your legs are close together, look for your kneecap with your thumb, and the upper side of the kneecap is sea. In your spare time to press this acupoint more, can be very good metabolism of the leg of waste water, eliminate edema, a long time, the legs will not be chubby. Press 15-20 times per minute for good and hold on for 5-10 minutes every day.

You can use both hands or massage rollers, while soaking 100 years to massage the calf, which can speed up the swelling, help you thin legs.

3, press Kunlun Cave The Kunlun Acupoint is at the rear of the outer ankle, between the outer ankle tip and the Achilles tendon. It, like the flying hole, is closely related to the fluid circulation of the legs, and pressing it stimulates not only promotes the fluid circulation of the legs, but also makes the calf look more intensive. Methods: Relax your feet, press the Kunlun hole with your thumb slightly, interval for 5 seconds, and press repeatedly for 2 minutes.

Stick it down to achieve the effect of skinny legs oh.

How do boys lose their calf muscles?

One, massage softening

Take the right amount of massage cream (or a variety of lubrication lotion, body oil) to rub the calf area, from the bottom up; go back and forth repeatedly rubbing. 1, friction massage: After applying lotion, use your fingers to press the friction hard where you have more fat under the skin.

A concentrated massage around the knee can make the front side of the calf strong and smooth. 2, Capture massage: Use your finger to the abdomen to grab subcutaneous fat.

Start with the inner side of the calf, the center line on the outside, and use the force that can feel pain a little, and continue rhythmically. 3, rubbing massage: Catch a lot of fat place, and with the thumb rubbing hard massage.

This is a strong effect of the massage method, the most suitable for the calf belly and other subcutaneous fat thicker place.

Second, yoga skinny legs

Lower canine Style

This is a classic yoga action that can exercise both the upper and lower parts of your body and stretch the ligaments at the same time. With both hands and feet, lift the body into an inverted ' V ' glyph. Make sure both hands and shoulders are wide and your fingers open.

Feet with span width, heel back, keep toe heel and buttocks on a plane.

Relax your head, keep this action and take a deep breath 5.

Single leg lower canine style

This one-legged variant of the single leg is to bend the leg that is lifted on it, lifting the elasticity of the buttocks and stretching the spine and tendons. Start with the lower canine style and keep your feet close together for two thumbs. The left heel maintains contact with the floor, lifts the right leg to form a single leg under the canine style, and then bends the knee. Try to get the heel of your right leg close to your hips and stretch your knees up as much as you want. Raise your head and look to the left, stretching and bending your spine.

Keep your feet and head as close as you could.

Keep This action, take a deep breath 5, and then relax.

Stretch Half Bridge type

This action allows you to open the front of your body like a ballerina, exercise your shoulders and tighten your hips. Start with a one-legged dog, slowly put down your right leg, and straighten your right arm. Just flip your body 180 degrees and face up. Adjust your legs again so that they remain parallel and slightly wider than the crotch.

Legs hard support, try to raise the buttocks, the hands as far as possible to stretch to the distance.

Third, diet therapy

1. Vitamin E helps remove edema. Poor blood circulation, it is easy to cause swelling of the foot, containing vitamin E food, can help speed up blood circulation, prevent leg muscle relaxation and so on.

Foods rich in vitamin E include almonds, peanuts, wheat germ and so on.

2. Vitamin B group accelerates metabolism.

Vitamin B1 can convert sugar into energy, while B2 can accelerate fat metabolism, eat more vitamin B rich food, such as mushrooms, sesame seeds, tofu, peanuts, spinach and so on.

3. Eat less salt to edema. Often eat more salty food, easy to make the body accumulate too much water, form edema, easy to accumulate on the calf.

In addition to reducing the absorption of salt, diet can also eat more potassium foods, because potassium helps to drain excess salt in the body, potassium foods include tomatoes, bananas, potatoes, celery and so on. How do you get the muscles on your calf? Can you rub it down?