How do you thin the roots of your thighs?

What is the cause of thigh root fat?

Fat in the thigh is due to incorrect dressing habits and lifestyle habits, as well as abnormal secretion of estrogen in the body.

1, sexy too 'tight", fat can not wear tight jeans, tight-fitting underwear and other tight-fitting clothing, even mini skirts, sleeveless shirts and other sexy wear, will make the lower body fat. Because too tight clothing will hinder the normal movement of the legs, It also hinders blood circulation in the waist and leg; short skirts can cool the legs, which also affects blood circulation, leading to fat accumulation.

2, estrogen secretion disorder, bad habits let you fat let you exude female charismatic estrogen, is the culprit to make the lower body fat. Hungry a meal, chaos diet pills, unexpected pregnancy, etc., will make estrogen Secretion disorder, leading to accumulation of fat in the abdomen and thighs, the lower body is getting fatter.

3, sitting on the lame, while you are fat, you may be sitting on the sofa, reading your article with your legs. Whether at home or in the office, if you sit on your legs all day, it will hinder the blood in your legs. And lymphatic circulation, leading to edema in the lower body. It is not good to do edema care, such as massage, the veins of the lower extremities will gradually become prominent, seriously affecting the circulation of the lower body, leading to thickening of the fat, and even the muscles will be stiff.

4, 趿拉趿拉 walk, the calf is desperately fat, there is no time to exercise, walking to work can also be fitness. But the walking posture is wrong, or the shoes are not properly worn, not only can not reduce the fat, it may become fatter, and even seriously affect the health of the feet For example, if you walk on a squat, you can't burn your leg fat at all, but the calf will become thicker.

The fastest way to thin thigh roots

First, yoga stovepipe exercise:

Lower dog

Open the support with both hands and legs, lift the body to the inverted 'V' shape, open the shoulders with both hands, open the legs and the width of the legs, the heels on the ground, relax the head, keep the movement, breathe 5 beats.

One-legged lower dog

Starting from the lower dog style, the left foot is in contact with the ground, slowly raise the right leg, form a single-legged lower dog, then bend the knee, try to keep the right leg close to the buttocks, lift the knees up to the maximum, and then raise the head Left to see, can effectively extend the curved spine, as close as possible to the distance between the head and the foot. Hold the action about 5 deep breaths, then change the left leg.


Start from the lower dog style, inhale, take your right leg to the between your hands, bend your body, and your right arm passes through the curved right knee, hug your ankles, keep your center of gravity, if you can't support, you can put your hands on the ground. Support the body. This action keeps five breaths, and finishes the right leg and then the left leg.

Side open lizard

Starting from the sprint, put your hands back on the ground, keep the position of your right leg, slowly move your right knee to the right, stretch the ligament as much as possible, straighten your arms, and clamp the sides of the chest, tightly, like the upper dog Same as the style, then look forward, keep 5 breaths. Do the right leg and do the left leg.

Sideways display

Starting from the side-opening lizard style, straighten the curved knees, step on the ground with your feet, legs can be folded a few steps, put your head down as much as possible, close to the right leg (can't do it, don't force it), support the ground with both hands , keep 5 breaths, do one side and do the other side.

Second, massage thin thighs

1, Yinling Spring - Erlang legs help the thighs to reduce swelling

Yinlingquan point is 'small calf swelling point', often stimulated, you can achieve the purpose of real swelling, help the body dehumidification. It is worth mentioning that you will find that the bags under the eyes disappeared unconsciously.

Where: It is 'hidden' in the depression on the inner lower side of the bone on the inside of the knee.

How: Every day, you can use the palm of your hand to beat the Yinlingquan point for 3-5 minutes to make this point clear. You may change your posture frequently during the morning work, give it enough stimulation, or decompress the body.

2, blood sea point - press for the thigh ventilated blood

When the body is impassable, the thighs are prone to pain and appear fat. At this time, you need to press the blood sea points to help your legs ventilate and eliminate the pain.

Where: It is not difficult to find a blood sea hole, let colleagues help, two people sit and look at each other, let the other side hold the knee with the palm of their hand, the five fingers naturally point to the front, the position between the thumb is the blood sea.

How: You can use this pressure to make this acupuncture 'active', and can ventilate blood, the stovepipe effect is good! When the clock goes to 10 am, you may be a little tired, then take a break, with the blood Acupoint 'intimate contact'!

3, Taibai Point - stepping on each other to eliminate thigh fatigue

Running around daily, the legs are often in a state of fatigue, and the thighs will become more and more 'sturdy'. When the spleen is vigorous, it is necessary to stimulate the Taibai point and eliminate the fatigue of the legs, thus avoiding the appearance of stout.

Where: When one foot is placed on the other leg, you will see an arc at the center of the foot. The starting point of this arc is the location of the Taibai point.

How: Before preparing for lunch, often use one heel to press the other white foot of the other foot to eliminate the fatigue of the legs. Of course, it will also promote the formation of the sexy curves of the legs.