Duck blood is not only delicious but also lose weight?

Can you eat duck blood for weight loss?

In the weight loss period, you can actually eat duck blood. Although duck blood is not a common diet food, you don't have to worry about getting fat when you eat a little duck blood. In addition, duck blood also has the function of clearing the intestines.

The heat of 100 grams of duck blood is equal to: 108 kcal; the blood of duck blood is high, and it exists in the form of heme iron, which is easily absorbed by the body, and the calorie is not high, suitable for eating during weight loss. In addition to a large amount of iron, the protein content is also very high, usually eat some duck blood, can add a lot of amino acids, promote the synthesis of its own protein, enhance its own immunity, but also help by eating duck blood We are resistant to many diseases, and we cannot afford to miss them.

Duck blood has blood and clearing heat and detoxification effect. It is used for blood loss of blood deficiency or women's hot flashes, and children with white sputum like fish jelly, can be washed into hot wine suit; also used for blood heat flush, stroke dizziness or drug poisoning. Duck blood is rich in protein and a variety of amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize. It contains high levels of erythropoietin. It also contains trace minerals such as iron and various vitamins. These are indispensable substances in human hematopoiesis. .

Duck blood is fattening or losing weight

Duck blood does not help to lose weight, but eating duck blood during weight loss will not gain weight, but still pay attention to weight loss when eating duck blood.

Duck blood itself has the function of clearing the intestine. Duck blood is the body's 'scavenger', which can remove the sediment turbidity in the intestinal cavity, purify harmful substances such as dust and metal particles, and can also facilitate bowel movements to avoid Accumulated poisoning. Therefore, eating more duck blood will not only become fat, but will purify the intestines. In fact, it doesn't matter what you eat, the most important thing is when to eat. For example, after 7pm, it is best to let the mouth and The stomach stops to rest. Plus the usual exercise, eating duck blood will not make you fat.

In Japan, Europe and the United States, the food market in the United States has duck blood as raw materials for sausages, snacks, etc. In China, people also like to use duck blood to make blood tofu dishes, and called 'liquid meat'. Duck blood has The ability to clean the blood. The boiled animal blood clot, commonly known as blood tofu, has a high protein content. Therefore, if the duck blood is eaten more, of course it will not be fat.

The benefits of women eating duck blood

1, hemostasis coagulation

Duck blood contains vitamin K, which can promote blood coagulation, so it has a hemostatic effect.

2, prevention of iron deficiency anemia

Animal blood contains high iron content and exists in the form of heme iron, which is easily absorbed by the body. Children in the growth stage and pregnant or lactating women eat more animal blood dishes, which can prevent iron deficiency. Anemia, and can effectively prevent middle-aged and elderly people with coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other symptoms.

3, the human body 'scavenger'

Duck blood can also better remove the damage of dust and harmful metal particles in the human body; modern medical research has found that the protein in duck blood can be decomposed by gastric acid to produce a disinfecting and moisturizing substance. It can react with dust and harmful metal particles entering the human body, and then excrete these harmful substances out of the body, which is called the 'scavenger' of human body dirt.

4, after the illness nursed back to health

Duck blood can also provide a variety of trace elements for the body. It can be used for malnutrition, kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease. It can be used to treat dizziness, vomiting and blood stasis, uterine bleeding, bleeding, and convulsions. Epilepsy embolism.

5, bowel laxative

Regular consumption of duck blood has the effect of laxative, which can effectively remove the turbidity deposits in the intestinal tract, and has a very good purifying effect on harmful substances such as dust and metal particles to avoid accumulation of poisoning. Many work in textiles, People who work in sanitation, mining, etc. like to eat duck blood. So everyone calls duck blood as the 'scavenger' of human body pollution.

6, prevention of coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis

The blood of duck blood is very high, and it exists in the form of heme iron. It is easily absorbed by the body. Children and pregnant women who are in the stage of growth and development or women during breastfeeding eat more animal blood dishes. It can effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia, and can also prevent coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other diseases in middle-aged and elderly people.

7, blood and detoxification

Duck blood, cold and salty, with blood and clearing heat and detoxification and other effects, as well as the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia. Duck blood is rich in nutritional value, can raise liver and blood, cure anemia, often used for blood loss Chalk or women undergo hot flashes and other symptoms; also used for stroke vertigo, blood heat or drug poisoning; and can dissolve gold, silver, opium, arsenic, insect bites and other poisons; long-term consumption can also prevent digestive tract tumors, It is the best food for liver and blood.