If there is a family history, screening age is also advanced to 30 years old, the general population after the age of 40 years to do a test every year. Presenter Li Yong suffers from cancer death | Ac

October 29, Li Yong's wife, Harvin, sent a message on Twitter announcing that Li Yong died of cancer at the age of 50. Xiao Knitting thought carefully, indeed for a long time did not see the news of Li Yong.

News as a shock to the crowd, netizens said hard to believe. As the country's famous variety show host, he brought us too much joy and memory. From "Lucky 52" to "very 6+1", it is a classic that the audience's heart is hard to surpass.

The following small series for you to introduce a few academicians of anti-cancer anticancer methods, I hope that we can be healthy and safe:

Director, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: be less angry if you don't want cancer ' Stress hormones ', also known as ' toxic hormones '. If people are restless all day, angry, nervous, depressed and so on, so that stress hormone levels remain high for a long time, the body's immune system will be suppressed and destroyed, so that cancer has an opportunity!

Long-term vitality, may be gas out of esophageal cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and so on.

Sun Yan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: Be sure to control smoking

The dangers of tobacco have been recognized globally, with 90% of lung cancer linked to smoking, and it can be said that smoking is responsible for lung cancer.

Assuming that the average person has a 1 chance of developing lung cancer, people who smoke a lot are 17 times times more likely to develop cancer than the average non-smoking population.

Shanshi, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: Do not eat fried food

Cancer prevention must avoid eating too much high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar food, such as French fries is the representative of this type of food.

Long-term eating fried food, easy to induce bowel cancer, pancreatic carcinoma, prostate cancer and so on.

Chen Junshi, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: Weight control ' Don't be content with your normal weight, be as thin as you are in the normal range.

' Even a small amount of excess fat in the body can increase the risk of cancer;

But there is no need to worry too much that even small weight loss can reduce the risk of cancer for overweight and obese persons.

Academician Wu Mengchao, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Licorice is a good anti-cancer substance Licorice has the effect of reconciling all drugs, can solve the poison, is warm yang anticancer drugs.

Modern pharmacology has proved that licorice contains glycyrrhizic acid, Glycyrrhizic acid, all have very good anticancer activity, so licorice has the role of Fuzheng, warm yang, anti-cancer, is a very good daily cancer health care of the same kind of traditional Chinese medicine.

10 grams of licorice per day, boiled water, boil water for tea can be.

Tang Zhaoyou, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: Swimming is the cure for cancer There are many ways to strengthen your body, and practice has proved that moderate exercise, especially adherence to swimming, is particularly effective.

The results show that patients with moderate swimming liver cancer live longer than those who do not swim and swim too much.

The reason is that moderate swimming can improve dopamine in the body, and dopamine has the effect of anti-tumor and regulating immunity.

Shang, dean of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University: Good Living Habits The mentality is good, it is important to keep a regular life.

It is important to ensure 6-8 hours of sleep per day.

Diet must pay attention to light, to ensure that the day to eat vegetables in more than 1 kilograms.

Famous oncology expert, Professor He Yumin, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Don't be a ' good woman '

From the clinical experience, there are three types of ' good women ' are particularly prone to cancer: the pursuit of perfect type-digestive tract cancer, everywhere the pursuit of perfection, all things love to be true, often in the drill;

Old and old-breast cancer, gastric cancer, too much care about the eyes of others, always play the role of ' old people ', excessive suppression of their own emotions, tears to the stomach swallow;

Strong female type-a variety of cancers, in the work is very competitive, for the cause of excessive struggle, often stay up late to work overtime.

Chief expert in oncology of traditional Chinese and western medicine in Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital Li Peiwen: It's a little thicker to prevent cancer It is important to eat more coarse grains. Coarse grains contain cellulose.

Cellulose can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, is conducive to defecation, reduce toxins in the body, is conducive to anti-cancer, such as the prevention of colorectal cancer, the occurrence of breast cancer.

Xu, director of Internal Medicine, Oncology hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences: do a physical examination every year 20-40 years old women to the hospital at least every 3 years to do a breast examination;

For people at high risk of breast cancer, it is necessary to perform regular breast B-ultrasound or molybdenum palladium examination at the age of 35.