Eat natto can lose weight? How to eat?

Can natto lose weight?

Natto has a certain weight loss effect. Although natto tastes strange, but because of certain weight loss effects, it is loved by many people. Natto is made from soy bean fermented, and soy itself has a certain weight loss effect.

The mucin in natto has a good weight loss effect. Mucin is composed of a special structure of glutamic acid polypeptide, which has a similar effect to dietary fiber, is not absorbed in the human intestinal tract, and has a water absorption rate higher than that of dietary fiber. High, swell with dietary fiber, so that the body can feel full, reduce the body's absorption of fat, in addition, vitamin B2 in natto supports body fat burning, prevent fat accumulation in the body, to achieve weight loss.

Natto is a very common food. Natto is a soybean that is fermented by natto. It looks like a cardamom. It smells a bit stinky. But natto is good for health, not only makes people live longer but also very Good weight loss products. Natto is rich in cellulose. In addition, natto can stay in the intestine for about a week, which can protect the stomach and health, and help the body absorb more nutrients. In addition, natto can also Prevention and treatment of constipation, plus nattokinase can accelerate fat burning and decomposition, has a very good weight loss, and most importantly, will not rebound.

How to eat natto weight loss

Natto meal with doubled weight loss effect

Add 50g of natto to the soy sauce (sushi soy sauce), and add some spice, such as chili, curry, not only unique flavor, but also double the slimming effect.

Natto meal that makes the skin healthier and brighter

Mixing 50 grams of natto with chili kimchi can promote normal gastrointestinal function, not only slimming, but also help the body detoxify, making the skin healthier and brighter.


Mix 50 grams of natto with white radish puree, detoxify and smooth, also increase satiety, reduce the total calorie of the diet, help slim down.

Natto toast

Lola often wears her own beauty and food on the INS. From the INS, she can also understand that Lola is a very good figure, and she has always maintained a perfect posture. Lola usually pays attention to diet and life. Recently, Lola has dried up her breakfast on the IG, which is the natto toast. Put the natto on the toast and bake it in the oven to eat delicious and slim.


Yoshida sheep's love for natto is more well known. Last year, Yoshida was chosen as the '2015 Natto Queen'. During the visit, Yoshida also said that he likes to eat natto, and he chooses natto for one day's dinner. She is also joking. It means that your own marriage partner must also like natto. Yoshida sheep's natto diet recipe is natto cabbage, stir the chicken and stir-fry with ginger, it is best to add natto and eat with lettuce. , convenient and able to lose weight.

Natto lose weight, no one can eat

1, patients with kidney disease

Because natto contains a lot of amino acids, it will increase the burden on the kidneys after we take natto. If it is taken by a patient with kidney disease, it will make the kidney function not work properly, and the patient's condition will become more and more serious. Serious, it is recommended that patients with various kidney diseases such as nephritis, renal failure, do not eat natto, so as not to affect the body recovery.

2, patients with severe stomach problems

Many friends may know that if they have severe stomach problems, they are not suitable for sputum intake, because sputum will accelerate the secretion of gastric juice, which will lead to more and more serious diseases, while natto is rich in sputum, and natto It also contains dietary fiber that can cause mechanical damage to the gastric mucosa. These can lead to more serious illness. Therefore, it is generally recommended that patients with gastritis or peptic ulcer should not eat natto, so as not to affect the treatment and delay the recovery. .

3, patients with acute pancreatitis

There are many patients suffering from acute pancreatitis around us. Many friends may know that when this disease occurs, it is impossible to eat any food containing the function of stimulating gastric juice and pancreatic juice, and natto contains stimulating fast gastric juice. Secreted ingredients, therefore, patients with acute pancreatitis are not recommended to eat natto, patients and friends should pay more attention.

4, patients with gout disease

Through the above introduction, we know that natto contains sputum that will accelerate the secretion of gastric juice, and sputum is also the main cause of gout patients. If the metabolic function of human sputum is abnormal, it will suffer from gout. Therefore, no It is recommended that patients with gout disease take natto, which is also to avoid the condition of gout patients because of the deterioration of natto, we must cooperate well.

5, patients with wounds have not healed

If we have a wound on our body that has not healed, you must remember that you can't eat natto, because natto contains various enzymes. The kinase of this element is very resistant to blood clotting, especially for the recovery of wounds. Those friends who have just finished surgery, if they take natto without recovery of the wound, may cause bleeding wounds, which has a great impact on the recovery of the body. Everyone must pay attention.