Ouyang Nana, fashion COSMO joint name debut | Oaks started Tmall double 11 open door red

On November 1st, Yudie Bloom, Aux Air Conditioning New Product Launch Conference ended in Hangzhou. At the meeting, the two sides based on the advantages of Tmall and Oaks air-conditioning, the future cooperation in marketing collaboration, product customization and other aspects of the cooperation, created A new milestone in the cooperation between Aux Air Conditioning and Tmall Marketing.

At the press conference, for the upcoming Tmall Double 11 Global Shopping Carnival, Oaks and Tmall will strive to make breakthroughs in the sales level and jointly build a new peak of cooperation; in terms of marketing collaboration, both parties will deepen the online and offline Channel cooperation, focusing on the fragmented social ecology to effectively reach the target consumer group, providing a consumption experience everywhere. In the new retail empowerment, the target market will be expanded in the new shopping demand environment through deep exploration of user needs. During the Tmall Double 11 Global Shopping Carnival, Oaks and Tmall exclusively created Ouyang Nana's joint-name product Yudie, which helped drive a new wave of business growth and fully launched the Oaks Air Conditioning Tmall Double 11 Global Shopping Carnival. Open the door.

Oaks air conditioner fully activated double eleven start

Star joint-name air-conditioning joint release to respond to consumption upgrades with data transformation

At the press conference, the use of large-scale fashion powder and butterfly elements fully emphasized the unique design aesthetic of Oaks' new air-conditioning Yudie. The creative wall-mounted device centered on the word 'Yudie' and made the pink butterfly a beautiful array matrix. Every butterfly that was received by the guests was freely placed in the flowers, creating a moving scene of a butterfly dance.

Conference site theme sign in

As the protagonist of this release, Oaks's first women's air-conditioning air conditioner - Yudie, the target group accurately positioned female consumers, designed with a gradient of advanced powder, creating a beautiful lens and fashion. Technically, using Oaks air conditioning The self-developed intelligent wind control algorithm adjusts the wind speed and temperature according to the space temperature. It can quickly cool and cool, 30 seconds cold, 60 seconds fast, with large angle air outlet, fully meet the feminine consumer soft skin care, winter can still be maintained The unique needs of hydration.

It is worth mentioning that the Royal Butterfly air conditioner is equipped with the Tmall Elf intelligent interactive system, which effectively strengthens the current unsatisfactory voice interactive call in the smart air conditioner market, and becomes another highlight of this new product. Specifically, the user It is easy to realize the communication between Oaks air-conditioning equipment through the interaction of Tmall Elf. This function design can not only effectively enhance the intelligent voice control, but also form a linkage with other smart devices to meet the full-net needs of fashionable women for smart homes. .

Oaks new air conditioning royal butterfly photo

As the chief product art officer of Oaks Air Conditioning, this time together with Oaks to create a joint-name air-conditioning product, the main pusher Ouyang Nana, also in the form of video in the United States for the joint-name air conditioning 'Yudie' platform.

The new Royal Butterfly air conditioner released by Oaks, as a typical case for determining the production of the market as a market demand, is the product of the 'her' economy in the context of consumption upgrading. Facing the future continuous segmentation and refined market demand for product changes, Oaks Air-conditioning will further expand its cooperation with Tmall, with data access as an opportunity to precipitate high-value consumption data and build a demand-based full-marketing model. Further relying on Ali's huge consumer data advantages to promote C2B manufacturing transformation, this is exactly New retail has a strong driving force for manufacturing.

Quality iterative upgrade Use 60 days no reason to return to build Tmall double 11 star experience

Good quality, emboldened. During the Tmall Double 11 Global Shopping Carnival, Oaks Air Conditioning Room continued to implement 'Use 60 Days Dissatisfied Returns!' After-sales policy, with high-quality products and humanized after-sales policies to reassure consumers, to spend It presents a worry-free buying experience. This is not only a policy breakthrough in brand marketing and service, but also a systematic project linking the three systems of quality management, marketing channel management and after-sales service management.

Press conference butterfly dance

'Quality' is an important 'gene' in the Oaks brand. Over the years, Oaks has always followed the corporate philosophy of 'Quality is the cornerstone, innovation is the soul'. The production of Aux Air Conditioning has entered the era of intelligence, integrating digital, networked, intelligent The assembly line realizes integrated automatic production. It has a national laboratory and undergoes strict environmental testing to ensure the stable operation of air conditioners in various environments. Create a production mode with high efficiency and low consumption. Intelligent manufacturing allows Oaks to improve product quality. Continuously achieve breakthroughs, and let Aux Air Conditioner win the 'Quality Benchmark Award' five times in a row.

Not only that, but the pursuit of quality is still constantly 'plus'. It is understood that in the past five years, Aux has invested more than 3 billion yuan in quality, innovation and efficiency. In addition to the large capital investment, strict quality control It is also a reason to reassure consumers. Every Oaks air conditioner has to pass more than 200 inspection procedures before leaving the factory, and more than 6,000 hours of harsh working conditions, the raw materials can be traced back to the tertiary supply chain.

Interpretation of the double eleven policy at the press conference

In this e-commerce shopping street dominated by Internet consumption, the “Use 60 Days No Reason to Return” campaign was launched. The first standard of the quality of the judges was directly handed over to the users, from the previous national standards, industry standards, technology. The parameters become the performance of the product, the user experience is subject to the user's experience, the user becomes the only center and protagonist. Undoubtedly in the current downsizing of the consumer downgrade, in addition to boosting the market, stimulating the desire to buy, and improving purchasing confidence, Oaks is still Highlighting the new manufacturing features, it has become a strong agent for the sales of the Oaks platform on the consumer carnival festival.

Join hands to win the first day of the cat double 11 open door multi-dimensional cooperation sword refers to the new high sales

The high quality ensures that the Oaks brand leads the way in sales. The data shows that the Oaks electricity supplier, the growth rate and the favorable rate have been ranked first for several consecutive years. At this year's '6•18 e-commerce shopping festival', Oaks online sales The amount exceeded 4 billion, which was 2.3 times that of the same period of last year. The 'net batch mode' also showed geometric growth. As of August this year, the sales volume of the Oaks line has exceeded the whole year of last year. The overall growth rate of the home appliance industry has slowed down. In the background, Oaks relies on the 'e-commerce, network batch mode' dual-mode boost, so that air-conditioning sales have exploded for two consecutive years, ranking the top three in the industry.

At the event conference, Oaks and Tmall cooperated to review

Tmall home appliances witnessed the promotion of consumption upgrades and the tide of online shopping. Oaks actively embraced e-commerce with platform empowerment and advanced into the front-end process of domestic appliances. Of course, as an important strategic partner, Oaks also witnessed the promotion of Tmall. The process of retail layout. As an important partner of Oaks, the Tmall platform will continue to provide multi-dimensional data and marketing support for Oaks.

Tmall everyone and the general manager of Cat Ning speak at the scene

At the meeting, Tmall.com and Cat Ning general manager Lao Yu said, 'As the home of Tmall Double 11 Global Shopping Carnival, Tmall will play a more efficient platform advantage and a more stable logistics experience for self-operated e-commerce, help Aux completes the demand decision production, the channel guides the production, the marketing promotes the production mode transformation and upgrade, and fully achieves the double harvest of the Tmall Double 11 Global Shopping Carnival sales and word of mouth!

Producing the ultimate product and providing better service, this is the customer's awareness of Aux's user-centric, continuous technology upgrade to enhance user experience. Aux strives to achieve user's needs through technological innovation and precise grasp of user needs. Create higher value, and the upcoming 2018 Tmall Double 11 Global Shopping Carnival is the time to upgrade service standards. Oaks is fully prepared for this, and has taken another step in the integration of brands and consumers. Big step.