Article Error correction Apple usb-c/3.5mm Headset Adapter disassembly: No impact on sound quality

Apple canceled the 3.5mm headphone hole and lightning interface on the new ipad Pro and changed it to the USB Type-c interface, having already got Apple's latest usb-c 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter in the first place, which is mainly used with USB

Type-c interface Apple devices, in addition to a number of computers equipped with USB-C interface can also be used. This makes it feel like the interior will be a structure similar to a USB sound card?

Immediately through the dismantling with everyone revealed.

One, Apple usb-c to headphone Jack adapter open the box

The front of the package is the rendering diagram of the transfer wiring, above which is the product name: Usb-c to headphone jack transfer wiring, Apple official website name is Usb-c turn 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter.

On the back of the package is usb-c to headphone jack transfer wiring in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

Packing list: User manual and Warranty, 1 usb-c turn 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter. At first glance very much like the previous lightning wiring, the same is embedded in the paper tray inside.

Out of environmental considerations, product packaging are mainly paper-based.

Usb-c turn 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter Overall close-up, printed on the wire on the model A2049, wire texture soft and earpods cable headphones similar.

This usb-c interface is not usb-c full of pins.

3.5mm headphone Hole close-up.

Two, Apple usb-c to headphone Jack adapter dismantling

Start dismantling, usb-c head welding is very strong, dense spot welding, we take usb-c head apart.

Inside is a metal cover, disassemble the metal cover, you can see a PCB.

Wire welded to the PCB and then sealed with glue, fine workmanship.

PCB front Close-up, glue seal a large chip.

PCB back close-up, resistive capacitance and inductance elements.

After simply cleaning up a layer of glue on the PCB, you see a shiny chip.

Cirrus logical Lingyun Logic, 46L06-CWZR, this is a highly integrated chip, which contains USB Controller, DAC and headphone amplifiers and other functions, so this transfer wiring can be seen as a complete USB sound card.

Cut off the wire and you can see that there are multiple capacitors at the end.

Wire closeup.

Cut off the casing and socket on this side of the 3.5mm socket and you can see that multiple wires are welded to the socket terminal.

Using a 1-dollar coin for size comparison, you can see that the entire plug assembly is very small.

1, Third, dismantling summary:

Transfer wiring built-in decoding, equivalent to the ipad inside the headset side of the DAC transferred to the Lightning head inside, the sound compared to the previous ipad 3.5mm straight out will not change;

2, wire welding point full, and the use of glue closed, can prevent long-term use caused by loosening, excellent workmanship;

  • 3, not only this release of the ipad, on other Apple computers such as imac and MacBook on the Usb-c interface can be used.
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