How long has the Shuaikang electric water heater used in your home not been cleaned? Come and do a deep cleaning of it! Take a shower! Shuai Kang to carry out electric water heater tank free cleaning

How long has your electric water heater not been cleaned? Electric water heater as a necessary household electrical appliances, for people to bathe water provides great convenience, but the long-term use of electric water heaters will produce scale and other pollutants, if not cleaned regularly, will affect people's health water, resulting in skin allergies to breed bacteria, causing a variety of skin diseases,

and affect the power of the water heater, and may even occur dangerous. In order to better protect people's water health, as China's kitchen and bathroom electrical appliance industry high-end leading brand of Shuaikang, especially in Shenyang, Tianjin, Harbin, Beijing, Dalian, Jiaxing, Suzhou, 7 large areas to carry out electric water heater free cleaning activities. November 1, 2018-December 31, where the purchase of Shuai Kang Electric water heater date from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016 of the end user, Shuaikang will provide home free cleaning once, to professional, efficient, fast electric water heater tank free cleaning service,

For many old users to send a peace of mind and water security.

It is very important to clean the bile scale in electric water heater more timely. Many families of electric water heaters are used for several years, although from the outside can not see dirt, but in fact, electric water heaters in the scale and other dirty things have existed a lot, urgent need for cleaning.

Many users have had questions about why the heating speed of electric water heaters will be more and more slow, in fact, this is too much scale for the sake of.

According to Shuaikang electric water heater Technical personnel introduction, the common home electric water heater outlet location in the electric water heater inside the upper layer, so that the water doped sediment, dirt, rust and other pollutants will be deposited in the bottom of the tank, over time will become scale, the more thick, which is extremely harmful to human health. On the one hand, scale contains a variety of chemical components, long-term precipitation and accumulation of harmful substances in the water continue to increase, may lead to skin allergies; slime, microorganisms, bacteria in the long time constantly updated, alternating reaction will produce a lot of harmful substances, can cause a variety of skin diseases. On the other hand, scale will affect the heating efficiency of the water heater, there will be the more slow to use heating situation.

And the scale heat conduction performance is poor, attached to the inner gall surface will lead to the internal tank heat dissipation capacity is poor or local pressure is too large, the components therefore aging, in the long run, even there will be internal gall burst, leakage leakage and other dangers.

In this regard, home appliances after-sales professionals warned that household electric water heaters should find brands every one to six years after the deep cleaning, at least half a year of their own simple cleaning once, do a good job of electric water heater cleaning and maintenance in order to protect health water.

35 Senior brand sincere service warm heart As China's kitchen and bathroom electrical appliance industry high-end leading brand, Shuaikang not only master the core technology, to submersible hood, smoke cooker, can wash the pot of integrated sink dishwasher, electric water heater and other new products, to create a comprehensive quality home life, at the same


And Shuaikang this launch of the electric water heater tank free cleaning activities, can also be described as a feedback to the user's warm heart, not only to better protect the user's electric water heater safe use, but also to better popularize the home electric water heater cleaning and maintenance knowledge, in the cold winter set off a electric water heater in the health trend of bile cleaning. Shuaikang This electric water heater free cleaning activities, will be in November 1, 2018-December 31 in Shenyang, Tianjin, Harbin, Beijing, Dalian, Jiaxing, Suzhou 7 large areas synchronized.

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