In the promotion of enterprise mechanism system reform at the same time, continue to maintain technical leadership, for users to develop and produce more and more intelligent, more and more convenient

The 60 anniversary celebration of Changhong construction industry, which has attracted much attention in the industry, was officially held. October 27, Changhong Construction Industry 60 Anniversary Strategic transformation and product launch held in Mianyang.

At the launch, Changhong chairman Zhao Yong set new goals for development, and by speeding up institutional reform measures, the scale of sales in 2025 grew to 200 billion yuan on the basis of 150 billion in 2020.

At the same time, Changhong takes Ai+iot technology as the core, based on IoT technology, with Smart TV as the core, launched a new generation of CHIQ TV with artificial intelligence technology, CHIQ Refrigerator, Chiq air conditioning and other products.

Accelerate the transformation of reform and move towards a new era Changhong was founded in 1958, has more than 60 years of history. Along the way, Changhong experienced the development stage of maintenance and conversion, related diversification, international transformation, witnessed the rise of China's manufacturing industry and home appliance industry, witnessed the 40 years of reform and opening up economic development miracle, has now grown into a set of military industry, consumer electronics, core devices and other industries as one,

Products and services in more than 140 countries and regions around the world's integrated multinational enterprise groups. With the opening of the Internet era, user demand and consumer claims are changing, the new era of Changhong has a clear development goals. In accordance with Changhong development planning, in 2025 to achieve the ' stronger, do excellent, bigger ' development goals, strong refers to the main industries to firmly live in the first group in the country, and cultivate a number of sub-industry championships; doing excellent refers to 2025 years of total profits to be doubled on the basis of 2 billion yuan in 2020;

Bigger is to make the scale of sales in 2020 on the basis of 150 billion yuan to achieve further growth, in 2025 will exceed 200 billion yuan. Implementation measures, Changhong will speed up the reform of the institutional mechanism, promote the implementation of holding group level mixed change, holding group listed as a whole.

At the same time, the exit does not conform to the development direction of Changhong industry, the implementation of a comprehensive digital transformation.

On the basis of speeding up the reform of the institutional mechanism and the transformation of the industrial structure, Changhong will gather high-quality resources to focus on the development of information appliances, industrial services and civil-military integration of the three main industries, and promote the upgrading of industrial structure. According to Changhong related officials, in the information home appliance plate, Changhong will focus on building a series of artificial intelligence appliances as the representative of the new generation of home appliance boutique, and accelerate the development of data as the core of the user operation business. In the industrial services sector, Changhong will integrate core components with front-end manufacturing, strengthen lean manufacturing, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the electronics manufacturing industry.

In the civil-military integration sector, we should speed up the promotion of conversion and the enlistment of the people, and actively expand new energy and environmental protection industries, focus on photovoltaic applications, energy storage systems, circular economy and other fields, and explore emerging business opportunities.

In order to ensure the realization of business objectives in 2025, Changhong will also be through market-oriented operation, gathering funds, talent, channels and other high-quality resources to ensure the smooth start of the company's main industry, in order to maintain industry technology leadership under the premise of improving the business capacity of enterprises.

Adhere to the human center, casting high-quality home appliances

At the launch, Changhong takes Ai+iot technology as the core, through a strong IoT compatibility protocol, to achieve Changhong Chiq TV and Chiq refrigerator, air conditioning and other smart home eco-chain equipment interconnection and mutual control, and the introduction of a new generation of smart home appliances. Smart TV is the ' head ' of the family living room. On the occasion of the 60 anniversary of the construction industry, Changhong launched the new Chiq artificial Intelligence TV q6a, the boot is artificial intelligence TV, the shutdown is turned into a video-linked speaker. With the Internet of things and compatibility protocols, consumers can control cross-brand smart home devices with Chiq TV by simply issuing voice commands. It is understood that Changhong TV and Xiaomi IoT connectivity, voice control part of the millet equipment.

At the same time, Changhong TV into Xiaomi IoT ecology, can be controlled by small love students. The smart fridge is the ' housekeeper ' of the home kitchen. On the occasion of the 60 anniversary of the construction industry, Meiling M Fresh-born voice smart refrigerator shines on the stage. On the basis of water molecules activating fresh-keeping technology, ' free hands ' of the new design, the use of the industry's first full voice interaction technology, to achieve 3 seconds of flash memory, to provide users with voice automatic switch door, voice food management, etc., completely free hands, at the same time, there is a key shopping, intelligent diagnostic reminders, interface

function, convenient user life. Intelligent air Conditioning is the ' assistant ' of the family dormitory. On the occasion of the 60 anniversary of the construction industry, Changhong launched a new Chiq artificial intelligent air conditioner. Based on the whole voice interaction technology, the realization of audible, audible positioning, listening to the tone speed.

Zhong Ming said that Chiq artificial intelligent air Conditioning has industry-leading audible knowledge, intelligent identification of users, the opening of a private customization model, the industry's first audible positioning technology, according to the orientation of the sound, to achieve wind with sound or wind reverse sound movement, the industry's first listening tone speed technology, judge the indoor environment noise size, active adjustment of the operating mode. Construction industry for more than 60 years, Changhong wind and rain downs, always adhere to the ' human center ', respect user feelings and experience, casting high-quality, high-performance household appliances.