Commander air conditioning 1-9 month performance double-speed growth over last year

With the transformation of consumption channels, traditional retailing is being reshaped, and the home appliance market is showing a new look. From selling products to selling services, it will become a new explosion point of industry growth. In early October, Commander Air Conditioning announced the first three quarters of performance data. From January to September, the performance increased by 30%. In just 9 months, it surpassed the same period of 2017, and successfully achieved the industry leader.

Scene display innovation

Bookshelf, sofa, table lamp, carpet, air conditioning... This warm and integrated home scene is not only in everyone's home, but also in the light and stylish home scene built by the commander air conditioner. In June 2018, the commander was in Linyi built the first Qianping experience store in China. Consumers can use the HOME remote control to start the command air conditioner in the store. You can also use the color-changing leaves coated with temperature-sensitive materials to feel the first ten seconds of the air conditioning industry. One-stop scene experience, young people can perceive simple technology to improve the quality of life.

'Now most of the home appliances are still emphasizing selling products to sell technology, and the commander wants to do is to build a young people's life scene, let them buy not only home appliances, but also a fashion lifestyle. 'The commander of the commander introduced, The scene-based experience is implemented. The commander air-conditioner overturns the traditional and hard-to-intuitive text expression of traditional home appliances. Through the comprehensive display of 'scene + demo + text', it brings users a lively and interesting experience. The concept of brand rejuvenation is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and this has become the cornerstone of the rapid growth of the air conditioning performance.

Ten seconds and ten degrees of 'master speed'

For a long time, ordinary air conditioners generally use a lower operating frequency to ensure the reliability of compressor operation, which leads to a decrease in the temperature rise and fall of the air conditioner, and a poor user experience. The commander of the air-conditioning innovation and development of the frequency-hopping drive technology can break through the original rise. The frequency rate limit, after the air conditioner starts normal air output, the air temperature change rate can be more than ten seconds and ten degrees, which brings a high quality life experience to the user and lays a solid foundation for the steady growth of its performance.

For the industry, ten seconds and ten degrees have achieved the update iteration of the rapid cooling rate. It is understood that as of July 2018, organized by the China National Standardization Association, the commander air-conditioning led the drafting of "speed controllable room air conditioner rapid cooling The (Hot) Technical Requirements has been revised twice. The commander air conditioner has obtained the ten-second ten-degree standard certificate awarded by the China National Standardization Association, and once again witnessed the leading technology research and development strength.

Interactive users create word of mouth layer

Since the brand's youthful transformation, Commander Air Conditioning has been committed to interacting with more young communities in a way that young people love. Previously, Commander Air Conditioning joined Shandong University of Science and Technology, Ocean University of China, China University of Petroleum, and Qingdao University of Technology. The eight major clubs of the university jointly launched a ten-second change and youthful painting activity. The setting of the painting area and the fresh gameplay of ten seconds in the ten-second magical experience attracted a large number of students to interact and continue to enhance their youth. Radiation power of home appliance brands.

In the era of experience first, user needs are becoming more diverse, personalized, and deeper. Industry insiders point out that based on community interaction to obtain user needs, the commander air conditioner has customized a series of high-value, high-quality air conditioners for young people. Responding to the pursuit of quality life by young users, the result of the performance increase from January to September exceeded the previous year's good results. Obviously, in the face of fierce market competition, the commander air conditioner is constantly creating a new home market for 'new blue sea'. At the same time, it also firmly grasps the trend of the young home appliance market.