Formaldehyde volatilization for 5-15 years? You need a Haier aldehyde air purifier

In the autumn and winter season, the fog is raging. But compared to the smog, there is still a big source of air pollution around you that threatens your health. It is formaldehyde with a volatility of 5-15 years. Haier aldehyde air purifier is A special nemesis for formaldehyde.

Haier aldehyde air purifier packaging

The height of 907 cm makes it easy for the top air outlet to send clean air to the active area.

Quite striking control interface

High-definition LED touch screen display, in addition to the conventional power switch, mode setting and PM2.5 index, also includes negative ion indicator, WIFI indicator, child lock indicator, filter reset and other key settings, easy and fast operation , at a glance.

Wind speed adjustment for different gear positions

Air outlet at the top of the fuselage

The air outlet is equipped with an original fragrance system. By setting a scented aromatherapy module, the plant fragrance is placed to enhance the indoor fragrance while purifying the air.

Haier aldehyde air purifier back structure

The product is equipped with WIFI function. Users can connect to the machine by scanning the QR code on the back of the machine or downloading the 'Hail Youjia' APP in the mobile app store. After the connection is successful, the mobile phone can be easily controlled.

The card slot for fixing the machine and the filter element can be fixed or disassembled by moving left and right.

Built-in 360° barrel filter

The filter element is also the core component of Haier aldehyde air purifier. It consists of three parts, namely: nano silver ion sterilization net, antibacterial and antibacterial at the same time safe and environmentally friendly; amino acid in addition to formaldehyde activated carbon, quickly eliminates formaldehyde by crosslinking with formaldehyde, Safe and fast; high-efficiency HEPA filter filters fine particles, improving filtration efficiency while maximizing filter life.