Listen to the sound of the sea | Underwater robots break through 6,000 meters

From the perspective of industry development, the total amount of the underwater robot market is very considerable, which can be roughly divided into consumer and enterprise markets, especially in the enterprise market. Many high-risk, complex, and man-made underwater operations will gradually Replaced by underwater robots.

A few days ago, an underwater robot was developed in China. The robot was named 'Starfish 6000', which can complete the first scientific application task, and obtain environmental samples and data in multiple sea areas, and it also 4. Created the largest dive depth record of China's cable remote control underwater robot.

According to the research and development team, the video equipment on the underwater robot recorded the robot's flag in the 6,000-meter seabed during the expedition, collecting seabed rocks in the sea of ​​the melon spine, and the 6,000-meter seabed biological activity, indicating that China has The cable remote control underwater robot platform and application technology have taken a new step.

In addition, in the three-year development process, real-time status monitoring and safety management of underwater robots, long-distance IF high-voltage power transmission with adaptive voltage compensation, high-precision hovering positioning near the sea floor and deep sea buoyancy regulation technology It will further enhance China's ability to conduct 6,000-meter deep-sea science examinations.