Do this action need to cooperate with softness, if can not completely back lie not reluctantly, best effort. Let's talk about the little tips of the girls ' skinny legs.

What are the students ' lean leg movements?

How do students lean their legs? The students lean leg movement has high leg movement, the air pedal bicycle, prone after kicking, skipping and squat and so on.

1, high-lift leg movement The best way to lose weight is to take exercise to lose weight, for the girls who want to lean legs, high-lift leg movement is a very good leg exercise, each morning can get up 10 minutes early, then you can choose to stand posture to do a high-lift leg exercise, each group to do a minute, then another leg, a total of five groups,

High Leg movement is the most commonly used, but also the most effective thin leg movement, can be very effective on the thigh muscles to lose weight, it is necessary to take note of any exercise way to lose weight three minutes of heat is not possible, the need for long-term perseverance can be, adhere to see the effect.

2, Air pedal bike Every day before bedtime pedal 100, there is a fixed rhythm. Do not immediately put down after the pedal, to maintain a ready posture, the two legs together straight up to the air, knees do not bend, toes straight, stick to 3 minutes, and then slowly put down.

Finish the above action, the whole leg will be some sour hemp, at this time remember must have a good massage leg!

3, prone after kicking The body is prone and will straighten both feet. Tighten the muscles at the rear of the thigh, exhale and kick back, and exchange the legs to each other, about 20 times. The upper body is upright, the feet are straight and sit on the floor, and the hands are behind them to support the weight. The upper body remains unchanged, the feet rotate about 30 alternately up and down, and the foot cannot be bent.

Small reminder, the leg to kick up, must be straight to the effect of thin thighs.

4, skipping rope Skipping rope is a very effective aerobic exercise. In addition to having the general benefits of exercise, it has many unique advantages. Skipping rope consumes 400 calories per half hour. is a bodybuilding exercise, the heart and lung system and other organs, coordination, posture, weight loss and so on have a considerable help, is a sport for all ages. Skipping rope for 10 minutes, and jogging for 30 minutes consumes about the same amount of calories as a low-energy, high-power aerobic exercise.

Long-term adherence can make legs firmer.

5, squat Squat is a good way to exercise the lower body, and squat can significantly improve the shape of pear, mm can watch TV while exercising. For different lean leg position can take basic standing, toe slightly inward standing, outward standing posture, to tighten the lateral leg muscles, the medial muscle has a significant effect! But must insist, once insisted 20~ 30 minutes or so, otherwise only will naught, may begin to practice the time may feel the muscle unceasing convulsion,

and muscle aches, but it's only temporary.

Student three-day sports skinny legs illustration

Section one: Skinny thighs

1, the hands of the palms crossed in the head, legs open, shoulder slightly wider.

2, while inhaling, while slowly squat down, squat when you want to head up chest, and pay attention to the heel do not leave the floor. 3, stand up slowly and exhale at the same time.

Repeat the action 24 times.

Section two: Slim thigh inner 1, side lying on the floor, left tuck face down, right foot stretched to the left foot behind.

The right knee is bent and the foot is on the ground.

2, slowly exhale, and hard to tighten the inner thigh, the left foot slowly upward lift, the left ankle position must be higher than the toe.

3, inhale while holding the action for 3-5 seconds, repeat the action 20 times.

Section III: beautifying the hind legs curve 1, two legs upright, with shoulder width.

Hands naturally droop, hand 1-3 cm dumbbell, the upper body forward, fully stretching the hamstring, until the back of the knee muscles have a tight feeling. 2, the spine can be slightly bent, the upper body as far as possible forward. When leaning forward, the arm should still droop naturally. Wait 3-5 seconds and go back to the previous action.

Repeat the action 10-20 times, but be aware that the knees are not bent.

Fourth section: Slim calf, ankle

1, hands clasped towel, placed at the waist, holding a towel, double elbow micro Bend. 2. When you raise your hands to the right, keep your left foot aloft.

Repeat the action 24 back, change the side and do again.

Section Fifth: Slim thigh anterior side muscles

1, kneeling, holding hands behind the body. 2, the upper body slowly back, until the thigh anterior side of the muscle fully stretched until the action to stay about 30-60 seconds.

Do this action need to cooperate with softness, if can not completely back lie not reluctantly, best effort. Let's talk about the little tips of the girls ' skinny legs.