The lower the degree of tumor differentiation, the higher the rate of metastasis occurred. Li Yong laryngeal cancer dies, these symptoms should be vigilant

Li Yong laryngeal cancer is dead

October 29, 2018 morning, the famous host Li Yong's wife Harvin in Weibo: ' In the United States, after 17 months of anti-cancer treatment, October 25, 2018 5:20 A.M., never lost my love ... ' Everyone in regret and miss at the same time also in care, Li Yong exactly what is the cancer? 11:34 Noon, the broadcasting industry well-known Big v China Broadcast network explosive material: We are very concerned about Li Yong Teacher what cancer. It is known that laryngeal cancer, go to the Mayo Clinic, which is the world's top cancer oncology treatment center, still did not save back ...

It's so hard to sow in the middle.

About laryngeal cancer

Before that, laryngeal cancer is not as familiar as lung, liver cancer, and now we are going to learn about laryngeal cancer. The incidence of laryngeal cancer accounts for about 1-5% of whole body tumors, second only to nasopharyngeal carcinoma, nasal cavity and sinus cancer in the field of otolaryngology, third place.

Good hair age is 50-70 years old, men more than women see, about 8:1, to the northeast, north and east China, the highest incidence.

What are the symptoms of laryngeal cancer?

Laryngeal cancer often due to different types, symptoms appear sooner or later and the severity of the condition is not the same, the main symptoms are:

Hoarse voice: Is the earliest symptoms of vocal cord cancer, more persistent, and gradually aggravated. The early symptoms of the tumor were not significant, while Hoarseness was the more advanced symptom.

Foreign body sensation and pain in the throat: Often for the glottis in the early appearance of the symptoms of cancer, after the rupture of cancer, can appear sore throat, sometimes radiate to the same ear, for the more advanced symptoms.

Blood in cough and sputum: Occurs after a cancer break-up, which is a common symptom.

Difficulty breathing: is a more advanced symptom, indicating that the cancer has developed to clog the laryngeal cavity.

Cervical lymph node metastasis: can be transferred to the same lateral neck of the central lymph node, late may be transferred to the contralateral side.

Laryngoscope Examination: The early vocal cords thickening, one side is the vocal cords congestion, the surface roughness uneven, gradually appeared in the vocal cords surface granular uplift, followed by papillary or cauliflower-like masses, a little longer vocal cord movement limited or fixed, late often into ulcers, and the upper and lower part of the larynx to develop and invade the adjacent tissues of the larynx, and cervical lymph node metastasis.

What causes laryngeal cancer?

The following categories are the causes of life in laryngeal cancer:

Smoking: Tobacco burning can produce tobacco tar, wherein benzene pyrene can cause cancer, and tobacco smoke can make cilia movement stop or slow, also can cause mucous membrane edema and hemorrhage, make epithelial hyperplasia, thickening, squamous metaplasia, become carcinogenic Foundation;

Excessive drinking: The long-term stimulation mucous membrane may cause its degeneration and carcinogenic;

Chronic inflammation: Chronic laryngitis or inflammation of the respiratory tract may also cause cancer by prolonged repeated stimulation;

Air Pollution: Long-term inhalation of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and productive industrial dusts such as chromium and arsenic is susceptible to laryngeal cancer;

Virus infection: Viral infection is closely related to the production of cancer, it is generally believed that the virus can make the cell change the nature of abnormal division, the virus can be attached to the gene upload to the next generation of cell carcinogenesis;

Pre-cancerous lesions: Laryngeal papilloma and laryngeal benign tumors such as laryngeal papillary tumor recurrence can be cancerous;

Radiation: Cancer can be carcinogenic when treated with radiotherapy for neck tumors;

Sex hormone The results showed that the percentage of estrogen receptor positive cells in laryngeal cancer patients increased significantly.

How long can you live with laryngeal cancer?

5-year survival rate was higher in early laryngeal cancer patients after proper treatment . Recurrence and metastasis are the main factors affecting the prognosis, the greater the number of metastatic lymph nodes, the larger the volume, the lower the 5-year survival rate. 90%The lower the degree of tumor differentiation, the higher the rate of metastasis occurred. Li Yong laryngeal cancer dies, these symptoms should be vigilant