How do you stovepipe before going to bed? Look here

How to stovepipe is best before going to bed

1, massage stovepipe method

Massage is the most direct and effective shaping of the legs. It stimulates the acupuncture points on the legs, promotes blood and lymph circulation, excretes toxins, eliminates edema, and also regulates hormone secretion by stimulating important points distributed on the legs. You can massage a lot when you soak your feet at night.

2, 90 degree inverted leg

One day, the pressure on the legs is very large, and now the people are basically sitting, not moving, the legs are easy to accumulate moisture. Lying on the bed every night before going to bed, legs raised and the upper body is 90 Degree, can't hold on, can lean your legs against the wall, so that it can be lifted for about 15 minutes, helping to get edema in the legs.

3, a cup of fine tea before going to bed

A cup of fine tea before going to bed is not only good for skinny legs. Because fine tea can solve the problem of obesity from three dimensions, reduce the accumulation of fat in the body. It can penetrate the inside of stubborn fat cells and crush the stubborn fat in the body one by one; Respond to fat, plastic waist, belly, hip and arm lines, improve the imperfection curve caused by fat accumulation, magically achieve the body's exquisite lines. At the same time accelerate blood circulation, but also your natural skin

4, one minute before going to bed, stovepipe exercise

Lying flat on the bed, the legs are clamped at 45 degrees and the knees are lifted in the air. The left leg is bent to the maximum, the right leg is pushed upwards as far as possible, and the foot surface is always in the state of the foot, which is good for stretching the muscles of the small receding, legs Always keep clamping, it is good to pull the muscles inside the thigh. The right leg is bent down to the maximum, the left leg tries to climb the leg upwards, the legs are clamped, and the previous action is repeated.

Sleeping stovepipe method is a small trick

Bathing feet before going to bed

Soaking feet can help sleep, relax nerves. This is estimated by everyone, but there are not many people who know that there are slimming effects! Hot feet can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and also add some Chinese medicine in water. The foot bath bag can be used to understand it~

Eat less before going to bed

I don’t say that I don’t want to eat anything after 8 o’clock. It’s very difficult for me to find such a night owl. To sleep at 11:00, I will definitely be hungry at that time, often hungry. The stomach is not good. Of course! It is correct to go to bed early. This is a bad habit. Don't learn! Go back to the topic... You can eat a little bit late at night, but don't eat it half an hour before going to bed, for example, you sleep at 12 o'clock. The food is about 10:30, and it will not be hungry at that time. It is best to eat something that is light, and the fruit is OK. The best fried food is still free.

Drink less water

Drink too much water before going to bed, it is easy to edema the next day. It is not excluded how some people drink and not edema, this should not be too horny! Some people will be fat when drinking water! You can drink more during the daytime. Water, but at night, try to reduce the amount of water you drink~

Pilates, belly and stovepipe

1 minute per group, 30 seconds intermittently, 3 times a week! Persevere and persist! Pilates should have been heard by girls, several seemingly simple floor movements, but the essence of Pilates, can reach fast Fat burning, firming abdominal muscles, body shaping effect, and easy to learn, very suitable for fitness novices. The trained beauty is thin!

Diet stovepipe

1, eat more vitamins containing food

Vitamin E can effectively eliminate the swelling of the legs, improve blood circulation, and make the blood circulation of the legs more smooth. Foods containing vitamin e include peanuts, almonds, wheat germ and so on.

2, eat more vitamin B food to promote metabolism

Vitamin B food can effectively promote metabolism, but also convert sugar into ability. Vitamin B2 is a good helper to promote fat metabolism. Foods rich in vitamin b include sesame, tofu, spinach and so on.

3, eat less salt and eat more potassium

Excessive intake of salt will cause a lot of water in the body, and the swelling of the legs will be formed. The food containing potassium is a good helper to effectively remove excess salt from the body, so you should eat more.