Baobian Electric won the honorary title of National Enterprise Party Building Culture Benchmarking Unit

Golden October, autumn is high and cool. October 29-30, 2018, sponsored by the China Cultural Management Association, the China Cultural Management Association Corporate Culture Management Committee, and other units jointly organized the "Highly Xi Jinping New Era" Banner 2018 China Cultural Management Association Corporate Culture Management Annual Meeting was held in Xi'an, the ancient capital. Baobian Electric won the honor of the national 'Enterprise Party Building Cultural Benchmark' for the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.

The meeting summarized the achievements of corporate culture construction since the reform and opening up, put forward the mission of the corporate culture construction in the new era, the task and practice innovation, exchanged the experience of corporate culture construction, and released a batch of corporate culture construction achievements. The meeting also commended the corporate culture construction. Excellent achievements and units and individuals who have achieved outstanding achievements in the micro-party class collection activities.

Baobian Electric was rated as the outstanding organization unit of the national enterprise micro-party class, and the original work of the micro-party class of Baobian Electric Enterprise, "The representative of blush said that the manufacturing of a strong country is my Chinese dream" won the special prize of the national micro-party class outstanding works, the party building propaganda film "the roof of the world" The book's great achievements in the snowy plateau spectrum song won the national micro-party class outstanding works award. Baoding Electric Party Committee Secretary, Chairman Wen Hong won the national corporate culture outstanding figure, the party committee deputy secretary, the labor union chairman Zhao Yongqiang won the national corporate culture outstanding contribution personnel honorary title The achievement of these achievements is another important achievement of Baobian Electric in the construction of corporate party culture.

At the meeting, Zhao Yongqiang was invited as a special guest of the party building culture experience to attend the meeting and introduce the experience of Baobian Electric Party building culture work.

It is understood that this year's annual meeting will be based on 'reform and start again, a new chapter in cultural spectrum' 2018 China Cultural Management Association Corporate Culture Management Annual Meeting, 'Singing a New Era, Literary Exhibition Style' The 5th Most Beautiful Enterprise Voice Show, 'Party Construction Casting the soul of the enterprise, developing the book Huazhang's three chapters of the enterprise micro-party class creation experience exchange meeting, focusing on the vivid scenes and the latest practical achievements of the cadres and workers of the enterprise to study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. live broadcast of the annual meeting, People's Daily and other major media in the central government paid great attention to the meeting and reported in time. Representatives from various enterprises and institutions across the country, relevant leaders and famous corporate culture experts and scholars attended the event.