Sandvik Coromant introduces CoroChuck 935, a high-precision hydraulic chuck for turning

Legend: Greatly improve processing safety

Sandvik Coromant has introduced a high-precision hydraulic chuck for turning, which has excellent pull safety. CoroChuck ® The 935 will provide you with fast, high rigidity and reliable repetitive clamping.

The CoroChuck 935 will ensure the safety of the clamping. Under this premise, you can carry out the turning process without any concern, even in the demanding turning process using long overhanging tools. In fact, the clamping length of the CoroChuck 935 It is four times the diameter of the mast. The new hydraulic chuck is specially developed for lathes, turning centers and multi-tasking machines and can be used for most common machine interfaces.

'CoroChuck 935 is highly secure and its design principle is based on fulcrum technology,' explains ÅkeAxner, global product manager for Sandvik Coromant machine integration. 'Thin brazing film has optimized clamping function, so it can be expanded after expansion Two different clamping points are produced on each side (the fulcrum). This concept ensures the same clamping force for each use, providing the best possible pull-out resistance and shock absorption.

The CoroChuck 935 also has a particularly beneficial feature: it can use the EasyFix jacket to ensure the correct center height and help shorten the clamping time. The EasyFix jacket can be used to clamp a round shank mast, which can be mounted in a jacketed spring column. Seca is inserted into the shank groove to ensure the correct center height. The metal seal also has good performance in applications requiring high pressure coolant. In addition, the EasyFix jacket also helps to ensure excellent cutting force and increase blade life. .

The CoroChuck 935 is available in 20 mm and 25 mm apertures (3⁄4" and 1") for Coromant Capto ®, HSK-A/C/T, cylindrical straight shank and VDI machine interface. Inch sizes are available in Coromant Capto and cylindrical straight shank connections.

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