Didi's new Australian market headquarters settled in Melbourne | China-Australia cross-border roaming started in November

Hong Kong media said that Didi Travel announced that it will set its Australian and New Zealand market headquarters in Australia's second largest city, the capital of Victoria, Melbourne. The company will promote technology between China, Australia, New Zealand and North America through cross-border research projects. Cooperation.

According to the Hong Kong Xinbao Finance website reported on October 30, Ye Zhuliang, general manager of Drip New Market, said that the Australian market is relatively mature, and Didi hopes to contribute to the sustainable development of local and other regions through extensive partnerships.

According to the news network - the reporters learned that in May 2018, Didi began trial operation in Australia and launched the express service in Melbourne in June. In November this year, Didi also plans to launch the cross-border roaming function of the Greater China version of APP. At that time, visitors from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong can open their Drip APP in Australia and call the car directly.

Drip offers shuttle service at Melbourne Airport. (Photo courtesy of the company)

With a population of 4.5 million, Melbourne is Australia's second largest city and an important economic and cultural center. China is Victoria's largest trading partner. At the end of October 2018, Victoria and China signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the 'Belt and Road' partnership to become Australia. The first state to support the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative has opened up broader prospects for cooperation in the fields of culture, technology, trade, and investment.

Didi said that it will practice the spirit of 'One Belt, One Road' and build China-Australia 'Digital Silk Road' to promote local people's livelihood and tourism development, and actively promote cross-border scientific and technological cooperation between China, Australia and North America. 2018, Didi continued to promote urban smart transportation projects in Latin America and other markets, and launched the 'AI Empowering Society' co-creation platform, focusing on global public welfare science and technology topics in the fields of environment, safety and health, and practicing technology corporate social responsibility, and got Positive response from overseas partners.

Didi is expected to launch cross-border roaming in November 2018, making it easier for App users in Greater China to use the express service in Australia. (Corporate photo)

It is reported that the local management and technical experts in the new team of Drip Aussie account for more than 80%. The drop engineers and researchers in Beijing and Silicon Valley also provide support for the Australia and New Zealand team.

Didi has been investing in overseas travel companies since 2015; international operations began in 2018. In January 2018, Didi acquired the largest local shared travel service platform in Brazil. 99. Currently, 99 services are available in more than 500 cities in Brazil. In April and May, Didi launched its own brand business in Mexico and Australia. Since September, Didi has launched a taxi taxi service in Japan through a joint venture. Currently, Chinese tourists can use Drip APP to call in Osaka. car.