10 medical device companies recalled over 10,000 products

Medical Network October 31st, October 23-October 25, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a large number of medical device voluntary recall notice.
Including GE, 10 medical device companies have recalled over 10,000 products.
The largest number of recalls was Zhejiang Jinghuan Medical Products Co., Ltd., which recalled 390,000 disposable intravenous infusion needles sold in China. The reason for the recall was that the company found the 'certification certificate' on the production date and the expiration date. Upside down, there is no quality problem with the product itself.
The voluntary recall of the company is responsible for the performance of the product and the customer. The details determine the success or failure, not to mention the medical device. Once there are subtle problems, it will affect the entire clinical treatment, as well as the patient's life safety products.
Enterprises can 'self-discovery' and 'active recall' to show that the company is powerful in its own supervision, and in the subsequent production and operation, enterprises should continue to strictly demand themselves.
The following is a summary of the recall notice issued by the State Food and Drug Administration on 23-25:
October 23-15 Medical Device Recall List
In this recall, it is also worth noting that Hangzhou Warwick Medical Products Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Jili Medical Devices Co., Ltd. recalled the products for the reason that the products found in the national medical device sampling test did not meet the registered products. standard Claim' .
In recent years, the state has medical instruments The supervision and inspection efforts continued to increase. It was only in October that it was inspected and ordered to suspend the production of six medical devices. enterprise According to this trend, the future sampling inspections in the country will be more or less, and will be more and more detailed and strict.