The rise of smart TV, let your TV box eat gray?

Now there seems to be too much news for the TV box, but think about the OTT market just four or five years ago. There are dozens of TV box brands on the market, like floods and beasts. With the rise of smart TV, there are radio and television. For the rectification of the OTT market, many brands of edging balls have gradually disappeared. Now, talking about the TV box, it seems that there is not much volume.

But is the TV box really disappearing? Is there any value that exists? Actually not necessarily. There are still many smart TVs that are not very easy to use. The iteration of smart TV cannot keep up with the iteration of the TV box. After the market standardization, many 'regular army' Beginning to enter this ranks, everyone can get more boutique content from the TV box. The TV box has even become an important terminal for the video industry to expand distribution channels.

TV box may do better than smart TV

Most of the people who buy TV boxes around are basically because their TVs are long-term. But with the rapid development of hardware technology, even if they bought TV two or three years ago, the performance has long been unable to keep up with the current TV box. So many users think that smart TV is slow, and they start to buy TV boxes.

And the most important thing about smart TV is actually the platform of video content. Some smart TVs are only bound to one or more platforms due to business cooperation. But if your favorite TV series are not on these platforms, then some A TV box can provide the content of this platform, then you may not hesitate to buy a TV box.

Another point, the previous smart TV may lack some functional things, such as voice function, HDR function, and even more video decoding technology, these are some technical and hardware flaws, but most of them through the latest TV The box can be solved.

Therefore, many people who don't have a TV box, because their TV content can't meet your needs, the built-in hardware of the TV may not keep up with the rhythm. These will prompt you to consider changing a TV box instead of replacing the whole TV.

Cost advantage, which determines the market for TV boxes

Buying a TV box that is top-notch in terms of hardware and software on the market may only require more than 300 inputs. In the price range of 200 yuan, there are also many TV boxes that can be selected in all aspects. You can buy one. The mainstream TV set may cost at least 3,000 yuan. Now you only need to draw 1/10 of the investment, you can get 80% of the effect, so it is definitely very cost-effective.

The TV box is unmatched by the old smart TV in terms of processor performance, decoding performance, game performance, adaptation of new systems, and new features. When you feel the smart TV, you Will definitely choose to buy a more powerful TV box.

And if you are very satisfied with the quality of the TV at home, you don't want to change the TV at will, which is not very cost-effective, so for many people, the TV box will still be their upgraded TV content and practical experience for a long time. Preferred.

The box extends the content charge

After further standardizing the TV box market, on the one hand, it eliminated the cottage box on the market. Secondly, the content on the TV box is also standardized. We can get more boutique content from the TV box. Maybe we can say that the TV box has been done today. At the level of the hodgepodge of content, in addition to the contents of the licenses of the regular cooperation, the content of the cooperation between the manufacturer and other content channels is also put into the box. For example, we can see the NBA live broadcast through the box, and see many synchronous updates. Variety shows and TV series. These are the conveniences brought by the TV box. After all, if the content built into your smart TV does not have the variety show you want to watch, you have to watch it on TV, it is likely that you are moving out. Notebook to external TV?

But the content is more, which means that you need to pay more. For example, if you want to see the movie in the box, you need to open a membership. You need to watch sports. You need to open a sports member. These are all money. There is no free lunch in the world, especially the content of the built-in content of the TV box. After the legalization, the box with the contents of the hodgepodge is easy to rob your purse.

In addition to the hodgepodge of content and the charges everywhere, in fact, the hardware progress of the TV box is also very slow. The system kernel of the TV box is basically improved by the Android system. You look at the current Android phone, and the running memory goes to 10GB. Monster level, but we can also buy 512MB of TV box running memory in the market, many high-definition TV boxes are equipped with a very basic 8-core processor and 2GB of running memory, facing many large The local video of the game and eating hardware, these configurations still seem to make people feel tight, and the configuration is not high, how long can you play back and buy a box?

In general, it is actually the current TV box. The manufacturers put all the content they can put in. The user has access to more excellent resources, and the investment in use will naturally increase. Many users will also care about this. Late use input.

Summary: In fact, overall, the time for everyone to watch TV is increasing. The probability of gambling on smart TV is also decreasing year by year. Because of the large screen, smarter, better quality experience, let everyone return to the screen from a small screen. The big screen also allows everyone to get out of the fragmented time and watch a complete movie. The TV box condenses the iteration of the technology, giving users a lower cost, and believes it will never be replaced.