Gyro troubleshooting | Hubble telescope

According to the Science and Technology Daily reported on the 31st, NASA officials announced that the Hubble Space Telescope has resumed normal operation on the 26th. Earlier this month, Hubble’s orientation instrument The failure forced the engineer to switch it to safe mode.

NASA officials added that the first scientific work after Hubble's homing ended on the morning of the 27th, including the use of a wide-field camera 3 for infrared light observation of the star-forming galaxies DSF2237B-1-IR.

Last week, the Hubble team successfully cleared the jam between the internal components of the standby gyroscope. Further testing and monitoring showed that the gyroscope was functioning properly, thus bringing the Hubble telescope back online.

As a joint project between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), the Hubble Telescope entered Earth orbit on the Discovery space shuttle in April 1990. It was originally planned to work for 15 years, but has now served for more than 28 years. Hubble helped scientists discover a large number of new planets, mapped the 3D distribution of dark matter in the universe, and brought new insights into the mystery of uncovering black holes. Even when it is still in safe mode, NASA also says its instrument Still in full operation, it is expected to produce amazing scientific results in the next few years'.

The Hubble Space Telescope's successor James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to launch in 2021.