Insiders believe that customer demand as the center of continuous innovation is the Haier washing machine to maintain a rapid growth of the greatest power, but also its leading the global development

October 30 night, Qingdao Haier disclosed three quarterly reports 2018. Data show that 2018 years ago in the three quarter, Haier washing machine market share of 33.33%, is the second 1.87 times times.

According to the data show that, more than 6000 yuan price segment, Haier washing machine market share of 50%, occupy half of the price segment, Haier washing machine share of 76.9%. Haier washing machine market share continues to improve at the same time in the high-end market ahead, and adhere to the original technology, continuous introduction of high-quality products inseparable. With the consumption upgrade, the washing machine industry into the development of maturity, product structure upgrade has become an important driving force for the development of the industry, quality, health, personalized products increasingly favored by consumers.

In this context, industry companies have to explore the market through scientific and technological innovation, the introduction of a series of high-end products to meet the user's personalized care needs. Haier direct drive washing machine For example, this series of products using direct drive frequency conversion motor, replace the traditional belt, from the source noise reduction, quiet degree can keep a coin in the running washing machine stand. Data show that Haier direct-drive washing machine has entered the global 10 million of users of the family, leading the industry ' quiet wash ' trend. On October 30, the Global Conference on the Conservation of Ecological Technology (GLT), Haier shared the washing machine Direct Drive technology application, the test results show that the direct-drive drum washing machine noise and vibration level to meet the national A + level standard.

Not only that, the direct drive motor can also precisely control the inner cylinder less than 90 degrees of rotation, to minimize clothing wear and tear, to give silk, wool and other precious clothing to hand-wash care. It is worth noting that health has also become an important factor that affects consumers ' purchase of washing machine products. 2014, Haier launched a clean washing machine, the original ' Wisdom ball ' technology, to achieve laundry at the same time washing barrels, creating industry ' health wash ' trend.

Subsequently, Haier washing machine iterative innovation ' bucket between water-free technology ' and ' no outside barrels ' clean washing machine, thoroughly solve the hundred years dirty bucket problem, become the first choice for users to buy healthy washing products. In the ' People single one ' mode, Haier washing machine to accurately grasp the needs of consumers, and its launch of each of the high-end products are hitting the demand pulse of consumer upgrading, to meet user demand for quality of life.