Saving you time and money! Gome Double 11 air-conditioning Hi-Buy Festival | Big-brand agglomeration ultra-low-cost concessions

October just walked to the end of the month, the northern small partners ushered in the first wave of cooling, so cold day in addition to cat bedding, but also only to a heating air conditioning can cure our physical and mental cold.

Gome Double 11 air-conditioning Hi purchase festival, big-brand assembly portrait of large broadcast, thousands air-conditioning ultra low price Let, resist the cold sterilization! What are the big-ticket welfare policies? Time to play, please eyes peeled ready to start!

October 2 June-November 12th, the United States Super Brand Day, to the United States to rob America, designated hanging machine second half price! Midea Air Conditioning Refresh the second purchase new bottom line, you dare to come, I dare to sell! Specify hanging machine The second half-price Thanksgiving feedback, hedging, the double 11 let you save money to buy the whole house air conditioning. Beautiful 1.5P air conditioning, hot price Only 1999 yuan, less than 2000 Yuan 1.5P air-conditioning hug home, but also launched ' Cool Star II ' series 26 hanging machine, the hottest price of 2499 yuan; ' Smart line ' series of 51 counters, the hottest price of 6299 yuan.

More beautiful air conditioning, you do not hurry to do? Gome Mall of the United States Air-conditioning official flagship store: Http://

Gree Double 11 air-conditioning carnival, cabinet hanging with the second piece 70 percent up! October 26-November 12, the double 11 gree air conditioning unprecedented unprecedented strength, explosion money is not only a single product affordable, hedging will have more concessions. Gree Cabinet machine with the hanging machine with the purchase, the second piece 70 percent can be bought; buy Shu to enjoy wind explosion series of cabinet machine, the second can enjoy 80 percent of the purchase of the wind any hang machine or 70 percent purchase by Shooshan arbitrary hanging machine choice. This is the right time to buy gree air-conditioning, packaged offers not to be missed.

Gome Mall Gree Air conditioner official flagship store: HTTP://GOME.CN/4O01.

Buy Haier air-conditioning gift, purifier, humidifier to take home properly! 10.26-11.11 Day, consumers where the purchase of Haier Air-conditioning cabinet machine GMA21, FBA21, Hang Machine DGM21, BAA21 or buy any Haier air-conditioning package over 10,000, that is, the value of 299 yuan,

Haier CJ05GK car purifier or Haier sck-pj8023a humidifier two select one.

Hisense Play turn deposit doubled up to 10 times times more than a package of Hao Li, you take This year double ten must be doubled who strong, the first number of Hisense Big brand! Hisense Deposit double Use, before November 4, to store consumers can pre-save 10-30 yuan amount of cash, the event can be redeemed 100-300 yuan 1000 yuan with 100 yuan. (The pre-deposited amount of full-time Hisense, Kelon two brand general) not only 10 times times the deposit, let you save money to soft, Hisense more prepared package Hao Li, Thanksgiving feedback! Where to buy Hisense 1 sets of hanging machine + 1 sets of arbitrary cabinet machine, that is to give a beautiful hot kettle;

Buy Hisense 1 sets of men's Ark Machine + 1 sets of arbitrary hanging machine, that is, the neck and shoulder massage Instrument 1 Sets or nine Yang Health Pot 1, two selected one; where to buy hisense male God air conditioning X600 and Q210, that is to give nine Yang Purple electric cooker 1 Taiwan.

Buy Kelon Air-conditioning 10 gold card, etc. you get a bigger buy-out package Kelon Air-conditioning purchase free installation. During the event, the purchase of Kelon air-conditioning designated cabinet Hanging machine (AQ, LY series cabinets, LT,LH series) can enjoy a value of 980 yuan 10 gold card. Ten free Gold card is mainly exempt from the installation of aerial work costs, punching fees, stent fees, one year free of cleaning and so on.

In addition to the 10 gold card, buy Kelon air conditioning more big gift both hands: Where to buy Kelon wind cabinet machine is sent value 999 yuan Air fryer one; buy Kelon Prince's Ark machine is worth 199 yuan of electric hotpot. The above double 11 big air-conditioning Raiders you got it? Then hurry up to the gome to buy it! Cold winter rescue afraid of cold you, early purchase early warmth, thousands big air-conditioning super low price discount, miss this one more year, Gome promised to buy your back, you still have what hesitation? Meet the Gome air-conditioning hi purchase, buy installed speed VIP service