Yunnan Observatory's many years of site monitoring results show that the high-altitude area of Sichuan-Yunnan-Tibet is the best atmosphere in China, its excellent apparent degree, high cleanliness an

A 70-millimeter coronal prototype of the Yunnan Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has successfully acquired a coronal image at the Corona station in Lijiang, the science and Technology daily reported 31st.

This is the first time to achieve a historic breakthrough in the development of the Corona instrument, which indicates that our country has mastered the key technology of the corona instrument, paving the way for the successful implementation of the large Corona instrument project in the future. The corona is a very thin atmosphere of the sun's outermost layer, one of the places where the sun is active and an important target for space environmental monitoring.

Because the faint corona radiation is submerged in intense solar radiation and atmospheric spurious light, the surface usually can only see the corona during a total solar eclipse, and conventional solar activity studies and space weather monitoring require a coronal instrument to observe. With the increasing demand for the monitoring and forecast of space environment, the construction of large-scale corona instrument is becoming more and more urgent. Since the development of the corona detector is very difficult, it is necessary to overcome the million-magnitude noise signal, and the requirements for the station address are very high.

Yunnan Observatory for many years in the Corona Instrument talent introduction, team building, technical research, high-altitude Corona Station site selection of active planning, and strive to independently develop the corona instrument in China, screened out excellent observation station.