Chinese people love Apple, foreigners chasing Huawei, the reality is too hearty!

The domestic mobile phone market should be much more inclusive than Apple's imagination. After all, whether Apple launches a new machine, Apple's mobile phone will have a number of loyal fans in China, and if a new machine is issued, even if Apple's new machine The price is very high, and there is no need to say more about the kind of buying.

In contrast, foreign countries, compared with the Chinese people's love of apples, foreigners' voices toward Huawei are even higher. They are also very satisfied with Huawei's quality. Now foreigners are more than us to pursue Huawei, the reality is really people Too hearty.

The popularity of Apple's mobile phone in China is self-evident. Although Samsung was once very optimistic, Samsung's reputation has been declining in China. It is a reality that Apple is popular in China. Of course, its performance is good, plus The new processor every year, the system optimization, the novel appearance, is almost the object of the major mobile phone manufacturers to follow.

Apple has been taking the high-end route, which makes some good-faced people more sought after, and also meets the vanity of many people. In addition, the domestic Android machine is very bad at the beginning, so there will be many people used to it. Apple, and then no longer use the Android machine, even today's Android machine development has been very good.

More and more foreigners are also beginning to pursue, especially Huawei, which has opened up its reputation in the European market and has a good performance in the African market. The reason is that Huawei is becoming more and more powerful. Huawei's flagship machine is also highly respected. Compared to Apple, it’s really better than a little bit. It’s no wonder that foreigners love China so much.

I hope this situation will change a lot afterwards.