Mature operation of global enterprises: Haier actively recalls refrigerators

On October 25, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission official website showed that Haier is recalling a batch of refrigerators. According to the official website of the agency, there are 27 batches of recalled products from other brands announced this month. In the United States, 'requested' recalled the problem product is different, this time the United States Haier recalled a batch of refrigerator is initiated.

It is reported that the models involved in the recall of refrigerators are only sold in the United States, and the local team will handle corporate responsibilities according to US laws and regulations. That is to say, consumers outside the United States do not have to worry about it.

In fact, product recall is a normal thing. After the product enters the circulation field, if it finds defects that may endanger consumers' health and safety, the company will recall the defective products under the supervision of the government to avoid the occurrence of harm. According to the information, in 2016, the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a total of 1038 recalls of automobile products, with an average monthly recall of 86.5 times and a total recall of 79.13 million vehicles.

The company's voluntary recall of the product itself is responsible for the performance of the consumer. In the development process of large international companies, most of the cases of recalling batch products, such as HP (HP) recalled on January 4, 2018 due to the risk of burning the battery North America sells 50,000 notebook products; in February 2018, Toyota and Hyundai recalled about 110,000 pickups and SUVs in the United States.

Recall products are not a case in the field of home appliances. Both world-renowned home appliance companies and Chinese home appliance brands have implemented product recalls in the United States. Personally, Haier’s initiative to recall refrigerators in the United States is a mature performance of global operations.

Product recalls often occur on global companies because they are based on a business philosophy of being responsible to consumers and developing in the long run, rather than making a shot for a place.

The voluntary recall of the products reflects that Haier's operation has been in line with the global situation, and fulfills the corporate responsibility of the big brands in full accordance with the way of multinational companies.