Panasonic EH series Heat storage air conditioning, with strength to prove the quality, with accompany to protect health, for the family in the cold sent to warm and clean comfort. Cold without Sorrow

The frost is down, and the curtains are opened in the morning, and the window has begun to knot. As the name implies, Frost is first frost advent of the solar terms, frost after the weather suddenly become cold, winter quietly come.

Sleep in the room at night has been able to feel the chill of the silk, no heating of the small partners began to play the idea of air conditioning.

Constant temperature heating, Panasonic heating new technology Southern Song Dynasty poet Benzhong in "South Wakako," wrote: ' Yi intrusion Oblique month, Brook Bridge degree night cream. ' Frost is generally formed in the night, relying on the ground water vapor, and 0 ℃ below the temperature, condensed into.

Visible in low temperature and high humidity environment is the most easy to frost.

Therefore, in this environment, the use of air conditioning heating will cause the outdoor machine frequent frost, this time always feel the indoor temperature is high and low, this is because the ordinary air conditioning by reversing the refrigerant flow, reversing to the refrigeration operation to defrost, so that air conditioning will be suspended heating, resulting in poor heating effect. Panasonic adhering to the people-oriented business philosophy, pay special attention to product experience, 37 years to continue to challenge the cold region, developed Panasonic unique Enecharge regenerative defrosting technology, and applied to the new EH series. Regenerative technology, is a compressor operation can be generated by the waste heat energy into the available heat, so as to achieve a cold environment, defrost heating does not stop, constant temperature heating does not stop.

According to Panasonic technical personnel, this regenerative technology in the north of the low temperature and low temperature and high humidity in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, can be a good auxiliary air conditioning to better start and strong heating.

Foot warmer and healthier winter ' All diseases from the cold, cold from the foot of life '. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the proper temperature of the feet, which is essential to prevent the disease from entering the foot. Ordinary air conditioning heating will rise, air flow from the ceiling downward, resulting in insufficient warm feet, head hot feet cold easy to trigger a cold, and the heating speed is slow, there are dead corners, the warm experience of the system is poor. In response to this problem, Panasonic EH series Heat storage air-conditioning, special selection of large double-layer wind vane, as well as large-diameter high-caliber tubular fan, can effectively suppress the warm wind upward, the high temperature winds to the soles of the feet.

After 5 minutes of opening, can discharge up to 40 ℃ warm wind, let home warm quickly. Foot warmth is the first step in healthy winter, the clean air-conditioning airflow is the second step in healthy winter. The air conditioning filter will accumulate a lot of dust bacteria, need to clean up frequently, very troublesome.

Panasonic EH series Heat storage air conditioning equipped with high-density antibacterial mildew filter, containing copper bacteria agent can make the dust in the miscellaneous bacteria inactivated, to achieve 24-hour protection, so that air conditioning continues to blow out clean air, to bring healthy indoor environment for the family.