Plastic runway standard enforcement | New materials for the runway are favored by the market

The newly revised national mandatory standards for plastic runways will be officially implemented on November 1. The new standard puts forward higher safety requirements for plastic track materials, and the enthusiastic and innovative companies have sniffed business opportunities. Yesterday, reporters from Ningbo The Municipal Economic and Information Commission and other departments have learned that a group of enterprises in Ningbo have taken the lead in developing food grade runway materials, which has attracted industry attention.

The safety hazard brought by the poisonous plastic track has once caused panic to parents and students, and has become a social issue of general concern. In response to this industry problem, Ningbo Henghong Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. successfully developed thermoplastic elastomer materials, the company is responsible for The man established a number of inspection reports, such as environmentally-friendly glue and non-slip rubber particles. The above 30 items were marked with 'undetected'. He said that this material can be tested by SGS, FDA and other institutions. The highest level of exposure to the entrance or long-term contact with the human body, and the raw material smell is small, elastic, wear resistance and other superior performance, the runway construction can be put into use after several days. In 2017, the product was jointly approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The technology breakthrough bonus of more than 41.5 million yuan issued is also the only company in China's elastomer industry to receive this incentive.

It is reported that Changhong Hi-Tech currently uses its downstream enterprise Zhejiang Dingyang New Materials Co., Ltd. to develop products in many primary schools in the province, which is welcomed by parents and students. What makes Fu Jianzheng is that the customers who are currently negotiating with the company are more and more More, next, they will expand production capacity to better meet market needs.

Also of interest to the industry is Ningbo Green Meifu New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. The thermoplastic polyurethane granules developed by it have good application prospects in high-end runways, volleyball courts, badminton courts, early childhood education floors, etc. In terms of mass production of this material. , Green Mobil is in a leading position in China.

According to industry insiders, the new materials for the runway are favored by the market, indicating that innovation is the last word. As people's demands for quality of life are getting higher and higher, the pace of R&D and innovation of manufacturing enterprises will also accelerate. Only the first time to develop , to produce high-quality products suitable for market demand, in order to win a place in the future competition.