The 11-inch ipad Pro Wireless LAN model costs 6499 yuan, and the 12.9-inch ipad Pro Wireless LAN model costs 8099 yuan. Apple launches new ipad Pro for $6499

On the evening of October 30, Apple held a new product launch in New York, USA.

Apple CEO Cook announced the launch of the new ipad Pro, which includes 11 inches and 12.9 inches, priced at 6499 yuan and 8099 yuan, respectively.

Cook revealed that 400 million ipads have been sold around the world and sold more last year than all the world's bids combined.

' New ipad, fundamentally changing the experience, ' the head of Apple hardware Engineering said the new ipad Pro had expanded to 11 inches compared to the 10.5-inch old ipad Pro, while also offering a 12.9-inch version;

In terms of shape, the Hom 16c1 e button was removed, with a thickness of 5.9 mm, 15% thinner than the old, a 25% reduction in volume, and face ID support for facial recognition and maximum security. In terms of configuration, the new ipad Pro is equipped with a a12x chip, with 7 nanotechnology, ' single-core processing capacity increased by 35%, multicore reached 90% speed. This means that it is 92% faster than all portable PCs.

Graphics processing capacity is 1000 times times faster '.

It is worth mentioning that the new ipad Pro's storage supports 1TB and is equipped with a TYPE-C interface to charge the iphone in reverse.

In addition, Apple has launched Apple Pencil, adding wireless charging capabilities that are more accurate and convenient to use. It is reported that the new ipad Pro will have both silver and deep space gray appearance, and provide 64GB, 256GB, 512GB and new 1TB capacity configuration.