Milestone moment! Milacron celebrates the 50th anniversary of the plastics industry

As a leading plastics machinery manufacturer, the Milacron Holding Group celebrated its 50th anniversary this fall.

It is reported that Milacron will bring the Milacron family and employees to officially celebrate their 50th year in the plastics industry in the fall of 2018, and will celebrate the future of Milacron with customers through various activities in 2019. 50 years.

Since Milacron entered the field of injection molding machine manufacturing in 1968, she began her history of building advanced equipment for the plastics industry. Milacron CEO Tom Goeke said: 'What an amazing achievement! Milacron started in 1884 At Cincinnati Screws, followed by Cincinnati Milling Company, and now Milacron, and became one of the leading forces in the plastics industry. ' Goeke added, 'Like any company like Milacron, we saw A lot of harvest and some incredible technological advances have made Milacron an important player in the globalization of the plastics industry. Milacron is now more successful than ever, and is constantly innovating and excellence. The road is in a unique position, which is advocated by Milacron for generations. We are committed to providing our customers with industry-leading products and unparalleled service and support. In the next 50 years, Milacron’s prospects will be Very bright. '

Milacron entered the plastics industry and launched the first injection molding machines. With the establishment of the new division of Cincinnati Milling Company, Milacron has pushed Cincinnati Ohio to the industry based on innovation, technology and precision production over the past 84 years. At the forefront of manufacturing. Milacron began designing parts and components based on his in-house expertise, developing prototypes for injection molding machines, and exhibited the first injection molding machines at NPE that year. In the same year, in Milacron-Ohio Oakley The factory has achieved full production.

The growing plastics industry and the continued rise in plastic product acceptance and applications have prompted Milacron to gradually expand its production scale to support the booming market demand. Only two years after entering the plastics industry, Milacron built the first in Afton. A plastics machinery manufacturing plant with an area of ​​more than 75,250 square feet and doubling the size of the plant in 1972. Today, Afton is one of Milacron's many factories that provide plastic machinery production and service, covering an area of ​​527,277 square feet. Ft. While Milacron is at the forefront of the injection molding machine industry, they are actively exploring other plastic processing methods. In 1969, Milacron acquired two twin-screw technology companies specializing in PVC and other architectural applications in Austria. Entering the extruder industry. Three years after the acquisition, Milacron began producing extruders at two major plants in Ohio and Austria.

In 1971, nearly three years after entering the plastics machinery industry, Milacron began to develop blow molding equipment. After joint research with DuPont, using the polyester resin or PET technology invented by DuPont, Milacron created and perfected A blow molding machine. Given the unique and attractive food-grade container properties of PET technology, the US domestic market and many PET applications quickly gained rapid growth and change from Milacron's new technology stimuli.

From the development and patent grants of nozzle closures, computer process control, mold change systems, servo hydraulic drive systems, to engineering resin co-injection technology, Milacron's contribution to the global plastics industry can be described as diverse. The long-term cooperation and partnership between Laclon and its branch from Fujitsu (now known as Fanuc) in 1972 further illustrates Milacron's important role in advancing the technology and machinery manufacturing of the injection molding industry. By 1983, Milacron- Fanuc began to establish a strategic alliance to develop a CNC all-electric injection molding machine, named Roboshot. The predecessor of this model was born in the background of the science and technology of Milacron dedicated to promoting and developing the plastics industry, which further changed the injection molding industry. In 2018, Milacron also celebrated its 35th anniversary of the sale of the Roboshot line in the Americas. Over the next few decades, Milacron continued to increase its product portfolio and variety, and acquired Mold-Masters, Ferromatik, Historic and industry-leading brands such as DME, Uniloy and Kortec, as well as parts, technical services and support, etc. Mubarak Long products continue to grow and develop, and provide the widest range of technology solutions in the plastics industry.

Today, Milacron provides customers with innovation and support for the next 50 years in an unprecedentedly advanced technology, service and more efficient and more experienced way. Based on leading brands such as: Milacron®, Mold-Masters®, DME®, With breakthrough products from Ferromatik®, Uniloy® and CIMCOOL®, Milacron will continue to advance the performance of its products and provide the industry's leading services to ensure that customers' equipment continues to operate at peak performance.