2018 Chengdu Rubber & Plastics Packaging Exhibition ended successfully

The 2018 China Rubber & Plastics Industry Exhibition was successfully held in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center on October 11-13, 2018. The brand of this exhibition was gathered, and the professional audience came to the scene. The scene was very hot!

Since its inception in 2007, the exhibition has been adhering to the concept of 'aggregation, communication, promotion, sharing'. Through marketization, specialization, internationalization and brand operation, it has developed into the largest scale and level of the plastics industry in the central and western regions of China. Influential brand exhibition. This exhibition centered on the theme of 'Innovation and Technology to Shape the Future', with a total exhibition area of ​​30,000 square meters. Nearly 400 exhibitors from all over the country gathered in Rongcheng, competing in the same stage. During the exhibition, many industry forums were held concurrently. The number of professional visitors from all provinces and cities in the country reached 30,000.

The 12th Chengdu Rubber & Plastics Industry Exhibition focused on the 'Made in China 2025' theme, keeping up with the trend of smart manufacturing, highlighting cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the key development areas of the plastics industry, the scale of the exhibition, the geographical distribution of exhibitors at home and abroad, professional The number of viewers has reached a record high, and the radiation and national influence of the Chengdu Rubber and Plastics Exhibition area has been increasing. Not forgetting the beginning, we have been on the way.

Industry big coffee co-existing Rongcheng, explore the plastics industry to develop the future

This exhibition is a collection of British and American exhibitions, Sichuan Packaging and Printing Industry Association, Sichuan Plastic Packaging Professional Committee, Sichuan Plastic Processing Association, Yunnan Plastics Industry Association, Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, Chengdu Packaging Technology Association, Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Association, Chongqing Plastics Industry Association, Laoshan District Printing Industry Association, Southwest International Plastics City, Kelun Pharmaceutical, Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd., Chongqing Dingzheng Packaging, Chongqing Shengming Printing, Chengdu Yongzhi Printing Co., Ltd., Chengdu Tianyou Xiangcai Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd., Chengdu Beidou Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd., Chengdu Xinguofu Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., Sichuan Huili Industrial Co., Ltd., Hongta Plastic (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Aibang Polymer and other industry leaders and representatives attended the session. The exhibition is unprecedented!

Leading companies in the industry are competing to participate in the exhibition, and new products in the plastic industry are blooming.

The pavilion brands gathered, attracting more than 400 companies including plastic machinery, packaging machinery, raw materials to participate in the exhibition. On-site professional visitors and buyers and exhibitors zero-distance docking, and seek business cooperation and development.

In the rubber and plastic equipment exhibition area, Baojie Seiki's new KF460-S8 high-speed thin-wall special injection molding machine and PET1600-S6 packaging box special injection molding machine were unveiled at the exhibition. The products are characterized by high speed and stability, attracting many visitors to stop, and the site has won praises; Jiaming Machine's 280KDH series injection molding machine, 350KSS series material two-color machine and Liansheng GT3 series injection molding machine, all with advanced and perfect technical quality, show the production solutions for the audience, and shine!

The JTT-550DM high-speed vertical injection molding machine carried by Jintong Machinery, JTT-1600R disc vertical injection molding machine and the cedar robots on the same stage show advanced intellectual solutions, attracting many merchants to stop at the booth; Bronte carries a variety of robots The equipment, debuted at the exhibition, introduced the concept of 'intelligent manufacturing, machine substitution', and presented a different style, which attracted many viewers to slap the case; in the blow molding section, the star represents the enterprise with the big machinery to bring the newly upgraded fist product TDB-50F again Debuted at the exhibition, it was well received by the audience, and the orders on the spot continued. The blower section has many representative enterprises, mainly Huangyan Plastic Machinery Factory (PET two-step blow molding machine), Taizhou Senbao Machinery (SE series blowing bottle) Machine), Taizhou Yumin Machinery (YM-AB2000-2-130-73-S type bottle blowing machine), etc., exhibiting high-speed, energy-saving, stable and other characteristics to attract many professional visitors to watch the consultation, the front door of the booth In the extrusion section, the southwestern local star company Chengdu Liuliu Plastic Machine took the synthetic resin tile production line to attend the exhibition. Sixty-six plastic machines have been adhering to the excellent craftsman spirit to build each product, with good molding effect, stable and high yield. The products are favored by many professional buyers, and the orders are constantly. In addition to the six six plastic machines, there are dozens of extrusion equipment manufacturers to participate in this exhibition, they have beautiful products, excellent service to the audience, get Professional buyers are highly praised. In addition, Xing Jing, Heng Rong, Chuan Yi, Heng Yi, Yu Da Da Ge, Ende Te, Bo Rui Hong Da, Yao An, Lan Hang, Rui Bao Li, Yuan Jun Machinery , Heavy Science, Eagle King, Sibo Gaojing, Mekasuyu, Yongyi Electric Heating, Caso and other enterprises all brought the company's star products on-site display, which received strong response and affirmation from the audience.

In the plastic packaging exhibition area, the double-position solvent-free compound machine carried on the site of Beiren Machinery was unveiled. High efficiency, low loss, stable and reliable characteristics became a highlight of the exhibition, attracting numerous audiences. Dadong's shaftless transmission The unit type gravure printing machine has the advantages of small error, simple transmission and fast speed, which attracts many visitors to stop. Tongze Machinery carries a variety of equipments based on C600 intelligent solvent-free laminating machine and attends the exhibition. Machine section, Juding Machinery Co., Ltd.'s star product JDM600-LSJ2 bag making machine debut, Jiangyin Shixuan, Hesheng, Baoyi, Beiguo, Ruishen Machinery are carrying the latest equipment on-site display, showing a scene of the same stage of competition , attracting many professional visitors to consult and negotiate with their respective product characteristics. In the film blowing machine section, the main representative enterprises of this exhibition are Jinming, Zhongfeng, Ruixing, Xinzhongde, Wuhan Yinfeng, Xinshunhui, Yan Yan, etc. In the plastic packaging exhibition area, another major feature, a number of environmental protection companies with a variety of VOC governance programs on-site display, of which representative enterprises are Huanjiajia, Xi'an Suichang, Enwei environmental protection, etc., they judge the situation, combined The current environmental protection issues, actively provide enterprises with the overall solution to reduce costs, save energy, reduce emissions. Plastic packaging exhibition area also attracted Xin Shida, Wei Bokang, Deqing Ted, Xu Gao, Hong Feng, Jiangyin Kesheng, Zhen Xiong, Weinan Kesai, Shanghao Digital, Du Gaofutu, Feijiang, Hongfeng, Mingjia, Zhongxing Huacheng and other hundreds of well-known enterprises have appeared on the same stage with new technologies, new products and new technologies.

In the raw materials exhibition area, CNPC, Juwang, Ningbo masterbatch, Hangzhou Chemical Industry Research Institute, Jinbaicai, Zhongsuwang, Ou Ruida, Longda Masterbatch, Daxing Chemical, Kexing Chemical, Xinzhijia and many other domestic first-line brands The company samples attended the exhibition, the booth was in the market, the audience was full of people, and it was quite popular.

The audience data has reached new heights, and the exhibition is charming.

With the industry's growing concern about 'smart, innovation, environmental protection, and win-win', the pace of industry development is crucial. This year's exhibition follows the development trend and attracts a large number of professional visitors to visit and exchange.

According to the data, the 12th Chengdu Rubber & Plastics Industry and Packaging Industry Exhibition attracted a total of 33,788 visitors, including 31,562 professional visitors. The audience covered 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China. The number of professional visitors increased by 27.85% year-on-year. 1.4 billion yuan.

The industry forum is full of enthusiasm, and it’s more than just a show

In the same period of the exhibition, Chengdu Rubber & Plastics Industry Exhibition Organizing Committee and Sichuan Plastic Packaging Professional Committee, Aibang Polymer, Chengdu Electronic Information Industry Association, Sichuan Automobile Industry Association held the annual meeting of Sichuan Plastic Flexible Packaging Professional Committee, Western Vehicle Non-metallic materials technology and application forum, 2018 industrial intelligent chemical plant construction and mechanical and electronic industry matching matchmaking, automotive lightweight technology and materials selection.

Among them, the annual meeting of Sichuan Plastic Flexible Packaging Professional Committee was held with the theme of “Safety, Environmental Protection, Innovation and Development”, and invited industry leaders. Experts introduced the policy situation of safe and environmentally friendly production, cost saving, intelligent manufacturing, technological innovation. And so on, and comprehensively analyze and explore how companies face challenges, overcome difficulties, advance with the times, adapt to changing markets, seize opportunities for China's economic innovation and development, turn crises into opportunities, and maintain enterprises. Steady development. The conference attracted more than 500 guests from soft packaging companies across the country.

Western Automotive Non-Metallic Materials Technology and Application Forum, Automotive Lightweight Technology and Materials Selection Bringing together many automotive industry experts and leading corporate executives to discuss new materials and new technology innovations and future applications in automotive lightweighting development of.

Industrial intelligent chemical plant construction and mechanical and electronic industry matching meeting focused on smart factories, analyzed the development status and trends of industrial 4.0 and intelligent factory construction, promoted the application of intelligent systems and intelligent solutions, and discussed the main implementation process of intelligent manufacturing. Difficulties and core solutions, sharing intelligent manufacturing examples, a complete success.