Horizontal turntable for the shooter, the perfect partner for the large two-color auto parts

With the advancement of the times, the injection molding technology promoted by the lightweighting of plastic-made steel has matured. Nowadays, the quality, multi-quantitative, diversified and colorful of plastic products has become a sought-after element. The boom, two-color/multi-color/multi-material/multi-angle injection molding has become a hot spot in the development of injection molding technology, which can adapt to the ever-changing product processing form and richer product solutions.

Horizontal turntable multi-color injection molding machine

As one of the more popular advanced injection molding methods, two-color injection molding has provided new design possibilities for product manufacturing. It has been widely used in many fields such as mobile phone industry, automobile industry, home appliance industry, handicraft industry and daily necessities industry, especially in auto parts. 2. The field, two - color injection molding technology has made great progress.

Tairui Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tairui), located in the National Development Zone - Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, has a production area of ​​more than 120,000 square meters, integrating R&D, production, sales, integration and service. It is one of the first A-share listed companies on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

As a well-known injection molding machine manufacturer in the industry, Terry has a complete product line and supporting system solutions.

For multi-component injection molding machines, Terry is one of the few companies in China with the manufacturing capacity of ultra-large two-plate rotary multi-component injection molding machine. It has many years of research and development advantages of large-scale two-plate machine, and the design level of large-scale servo turntable structure and One-line linear single-cylinder precision injection molding experience. Combining many advantages and experiences, Terry's DH-MMM series two-plate multi-component injection molding machine can adapt to daily use appliances, auto parts, etc. with severe weight and high precision. Product production.

It is worth mentioning that Terry has an 1800T horizontal turntable injection molding machine that has been successfully put into production at the customer's factory for several months, adding tiling to the multi-component series.

The horizontal turntable two-color machine combines a large two-plate machine, a separate shooting table, a horizontal turntable, a stacking mold and a servo energy saving. The injection unit of the machine adopts a horizontal beam-forming form, which is matched with a horizontal turntable structure, which is the same as the vertical turntable. Under the distance between the rods, the mold can be used in a wider range, and can also cope with the longer mold design requirements of the slider stroke. The two-plate structure of the clamping unit not only saves space, but also meets the requirements of large-scale two-color mold production.

It is understood that this 1800-ton two-color machine can carry up to 50 tons of mold weight! Usually, a 20-ton mold is installed on the vertical turntable of a 1920-ton injection molding machine. Long-term use will affect the stability of the machine. The maximum tonnage of the 1800-ton two-color machine mold can easily reach 50 tons. The main reason is: Horizontal rotary motion, the force of the turntable and the mold is directly supported by the axial direction, eliminating the vertical turntable from tilting due to the weight of the mold. Wear can cause problems such as unsatisfactory operation, and can be applied to larger two-color molds.

In addition, in addition to the two-color mold, the horizontal rotary injection molding machine can also be used in one machine, and become two monochrome machines, as well as three-color machines, etc. For example: Auto parts often have two symmetrical inner door panels, although not Multi-color injection is required, but with a horizontal injection molding machine, a pair of symmetrical door panels can be obtained at the same time. The weight error of the two door panels can be controlled within 2g.

Normally, on a vertical turntable, if you need to get one out of two products, the mold will be very large, so the diameter of the turntable and the weight of the mold will be problematic. If it is placed on the horizontal turntable, one side will be more or more symmetrical. The main material part, the other side is made of soft material encapsulation, which can be greatly facilitated. And the product is obtained in the same mold, the process parameters are the same, the material stability of the symmetrical product is greatly improved, and the customer can be higher. Process requirements.

Terry aims to provide customers with more convenient production methods and scales with more optimized equipment and better solutions, which will help the more lean production forms.