99 yuan | Xiaomi has a hand-held mobile mouse and keyboard converter: one button for the resurrection

Today, Xiaomi has a mobile game mouse and keyboard converter, let you play mobile games like PC game version is handy, the price is only 99 yuan.

This product is a third-party product, shipped by Shanghai Feizhi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and provided after sale, support 7 days no reason to return.

Its specific name is 'Fei Zhi hand-held mouse and keyboard converter Q1', Support 120 frames / sec high-speed mapping, that is, simulate 120 screen click rate, whether it is the handle mode or the mouse and keyboard mode, can achieve high smooth operation.

Support iOS, Android dual platform, custom macro functions, such as one-click continuous shooting, speed one-button drift, "King of glory" one-click for a resurrection. Support mouse 7 button, can also provide mapping support for the mouse's double-sided keys and scroll wheel, release skills faster.

Feizhi hand-held mouse and keyboard converter Q1 has preset the standard menu for eating chickens for all the chickens. The game is quick to get started, and the keys can be adjusted freely. The mouse algorithm is optimized and the gun is more stable.

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