Three Tree Enterprise Museum won the APDC*IDA World Design Champions League Award

The 2018APDC*IDA World Design Champions League Annual Awards Ceremony was held in October at the New York School of Visual Arts. The Three Tree Museum won the APDC*IDA Design Excellence Award!

The design concept of the museum - 'turning the mountain'

The three-tree award-winning museum was designed by the famous designer Chen Fangxiao. It was inspired by the shape of the Himalayan snow-capped mountains. It was transformed into a 'ladder' that hovered around the holy mountain. The ups and downs were full of rhythm.

The designer was moved by the Taoist and natural business philosophy of Sanshu, which was inspired by the Tao Te Ching. It used an ancient and sacred religious ritual in Tibet, 'Turning the Mountain' as a source of inspiration, symbolizing the three trees. The 'Holy Mountain' in the heart circling all the way to the highest peak, creating a museum tour.

The appearance of the museum is a illusion of a forest, reflecting the three trees and three things, the natural culture of the Tao. Naturally, the creation of all things.

The artistic conception of turning the mountain coincides with the idea of ​​three trees respecting the heavenly lover.

About APDC*IDA and the New York College of Art and Design

APDC*IDA is an inter-continental event between the Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC) and the International Design Awards (IDA), designed to bring spurred design to the world. This award-winning venue, the New York School of Visual Arts (SVA) It is the most influential art school in the United States and even the world. It is the 'cradle of masters'.

Three Tree Museum

The Three Tree Museum was transformed from the first workshop in the early stage of the company's business. It covers an area of ​​1,250 m2 and records the development of the company in the past 16 years. It has left the brand of every important historical moment in the company for 16 years. It is the embodiment of the hard struggle spirit of Sanshuren in the past 16 years.

The whole museum has two floors. The first floor mainly displays Sanjiang old reaction kettle, universal rubber reaction kettle, wood paint dispersion machine, latex paint equipment, white latex equipment, Hongqi automobile and other equipments that help the development of Sanshu in the early stage of the venture. From the original equipment to the modernization, automation, information development process. The second floor is the three-tree cultural relics, corporate honors, corporate culture, etc., showing the struggle of the three trees in the 16 years since its establishment. Develop great results.

Initial heart and dream

The Three Tree Museum is the place where the beginnings and dreams of the three trees began. In the past 16 years, under the care and support of all levels of government, under the expectation and enthusiasm of the majority of partners, in the struggle of all the three trees, three trees With a strong growth rate, the tree has stood out in the Chinese paint industry with a total brand of nearly 15,000. It has become the first brand of Chinese civil paint.

Sixteen years ago, the first bucket of three trees, "Golden Leaf Wall Paint" was born. Today, the company has more than 8,000 categories. Sixteen years ago, there were only a few dozen employees in Sanshu, and the factory buildings and equipment were simple. Nowadays, it has gathered nearly 5,000 elites from all over the world. It has built seven green production bases in Sichuan, Tianjin, Henan, Anhui, Hebei and other places. It has a global advanced intelligent system and has become a national green factory.

The Three Tree Museum has preserved the company's first bucket of paint, the first equipment, the first corporate culture book, and the first product promotion film, and has become the best witness to the journey of the Three Trees.

New culture, new strategy, new journey.

The Three Tree Museum not only carries the past feelings of the three trees, but also carries the future dreams of the three trees. The Three Tree Museum, which carries tens of billions of goals and hundreds of billions of dreams, will lead the three trees to advance bravely. A beautiful vision of 'building the world and the world'.