Front and rear dual screen | double fingerprint | Nubian X map reward

Nubian X's most praiseworthy is the use of front and rear dual-screen design: The front main screen is 6.26-inch LCD material 19:9 full screen, the resolution is 2280 × 1080 pixels, the front screen ratio is 93.6%; the back is a piece 5.1-inch eye protection sub-screen, resolution up to 1520 × 720 pixels, can display information such as time and notification, also supports the display of static / dynamic pictures and custom text, etc. This back sub-screen can also become the touch button in the game Support single, two-finger mode, button size adjustment, detection of the best comfort zone, support for sliding and clicking, just like giving the phone a pair of gamepads. It is worth noting that the Nubian X's back sub-screen also It has added a special anti-blue light crystal glass and passed the low blue light eye standard certification of TUV Rheinland's authoritative certification body. The processed 'special' lens blocks and reflects high-energy short-wave blue light, thus blocking blue light damage and realizing eye protection. Combined with system-level eye protection applications, mobile phone support fatigue reminder, eye protection reminder, eye protection time and other data display. Design, Nubian X uses double-sided glass + metal middle frame design, four R angle mining Sleek design, the frame part hyperbolic arc palm design, grip feel good. On color, with blue and gold version, light sea blue, black gold version, optional gray deep space.