Front camera and other modules, hidden under the sliding screen, to achieve a hole-free and unbounded design, to bring a more perfect visual experience. Butterfly Sliding Screen | Intelligent Life | G

Glory Magic2 Most stunning is its front 6.39 inch Magic slide Magic full view screen, this full screen share of up to 91.5%, left and right borders, the upper frame closer to none, ' chin ' extremely narrow, no bangs, very close to our hearts really full screen phone look. Its screen material is ultra-thin AMOLED screen, resolution up to 2340x1080, screen proportion up to 19.5:9, a wider field of vision. Glory Magic2 is also the world's first AI sliding screen full-screen phone. Glorious Magic2 Innovative Magic All-view screen using the glory of independent research and development of the butterfly five-track sliding screen structure, of which four segments of the slide is up and down each other nested mode, not only to enhance the strength of the whole machine, but also to make the cohesion between the components more closely; The addition of the V-Rail miniature auxiliary slide rail ensures the fit density and smooth experience of the whole machine.