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Each brand's flagship mobile phone is often a product promoted by the manufacturer, because it has a higher exposure rate, which can also receive more attention from consumers. However, in addition to those common flagship models in the market The major mobile phone brands also have some models that are positioned in the mid-end market, but at the same time are not outdated in performance, and they often have higher cost performance than the flagship mobile phones. The following Sina mobile phones introduce several brands in each brand. Mobile phones, friends who have plans to purchase in the near future may wish to pay attention to them.

OPPO R15X (parameters quote forum software)

Reference price: 2499 yuan

On October 24th, OPPO R series new OPPO R15X line was officially launched. R15X continued the R series design gene, with stylish design and innovative technology, with light screen fingerprint, 3D condensing body, water drop screen design and other products Advantages, and launched two colors of nebula gradient and ice extraction silver, 6GB+128GB is priced at 2499 yuan.

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OPPO R15X uses a resolution of 2340*1080, 6.4-inch OLED screen, unique water drop screen design, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 platform, 6+128GB memory combination, built-in OPPO latest ColorOS5.2 operating system, equipped with a piece 3600mAh battery, at the same time, R15x with light-sensitive screen fingerprint, with a single click, you can unlock.

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OPPO R15X is also the top-level configuration in the same price range, with a front-facing 25 megapixel camera and excellent self-timer effect. OPPO is the first to add beauty algorithm on mobile phones, and the current leading beauty function is also applied on OPPO R15X. With 296 features on the human face, with more than 8 million beauty programs, AI Beauty can intelligently select the most suitable beauty algorithm, and the beauty is more natural. The rear adopts 1600+2 megapixel AI smart dual camera. It can intelligently identify shooting scenes and objects, and display them on the screen in real time in the form of labels. Optimize the supported scenes for better photo effects. More refined processing and accurate recognition, the total scene recognition number is increased to 21 Class independent scene, 6 post processing.

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