Interview with New York, Liu Jiahu: Creating a miracle with T-Mobile

On the 28th of this month, one plus officially released the flagship mobile phone in the second half of the United States, plus 6T. In addition to the mobile phone itself, it also solemnly announced the formal establishment of a cooperative relationship with the US large-scale operator T-Mobile. More than 5,300 retail stores of T-Mobile USA were put on the shelves. After the conference, Liu Jiahu, a CEO who has been very close to the user, has been facing the media to answer and discuss the voices from all parties.

First of all, for cooperation with T-Mobile, Liu Zuohu said that this is a major event for the company, and it is also the smoothest thing to enter the US market. From the end of November last year, the first contact with T-Mobile has now officially been in the T-Mobile channel. It took less than a year to start selling, which is a miracle for a Chinese brand like Jiajia, because it is all because of the idea of ​​being responsible for the user. Liu Zuohu said that one plus The product is perfected by the various standards of T-Mobile. Secondly, because T-Mobile is also eager to find more high-end brand cooperation besides Apple Samsung, this is the right thing to do at the right time, so one plus and T-Mobile The cooperation is quite smooth.

In addition, there are more problems with 5G. Liu Zuohu said that many brands are now vying for 5G mobile phone launches, but these competitions are a marketing behavior before the network is officially commercialized, and because of the close cooperation with Qualcomm, In terms of 5G layout, it will definitely not fall behind, and clearly stated that when 5G network is commercialized, even if it is not guaranteed to be the first 5G mobile phone in the international market, it will definitely be the first mobile phone brand to launch 5G mobile phone.

Regarding the results of the first T-Mobile retail store, Liu Zuohu said that it was far beyond expectations. One plus 6T was immediately sold at the T-Mobile store in Times Square on the day of the conference. It was originally scheduled to supply only 500 units on the day, but due to Seeing that the press conference affected the on-site queuing situation seriously, and then temporarily adjusted 1000 sets in the past, it was only to be satisfied. For this reason, we think that because of the addition of 6T, the first is attractive in configuration and design, and the new light sense. Fingerprints make one plus 6T the first screen fingerprint mobile phone sold in the United States (vivo, Huawei RS series and Meizu related models have not officially entered the US market), giving American users a high enough freshness, so get this kind of unexpected hot result.

Regarding products, Liu Zuohu also answered a lot of questions about the media. For example, regarding the system of one plus, the outside world often mistakenly believes that hydrogen OS is simple and fast, but in fact it is not the case. Liu Zuohu said a fact: In fact, each brand Everyone knows that fluency is fast, and that is what users need most. Everyone has also spent their energy to do this thing, but why is it better to do it at this point? It is because behind the system is simple, one plus Focus on more strength to do fast, steady, and save these aspects. From a few years ago, the hydrogen OS was on the line and has been doing optimization on fast and stable provinces, so it is not just a simple idea that the system is simple and fast.

Regarding the light-sensing fingerprint recognition, Liu Zuohu also confessed to the moment of the 6T thrilling, because the screen product identification supplier Huiding got the latest product plan more than a month ago, and then began to have no day. At night, with the top of the ceiling to optimize the speed of the screen fingerprint, recognition rate and security issues, considering that one plus 6T will be the first screen fingerprint mobile phone listed in the US market, the summit is also very proud to cooperate with one plus After doing various optimizations, I finally achieved the effect that Liu Zuohu felt satisfied with more than two weeks ago. Liu Zuohu said that he had already made the worst plan: One plus 6T could not be released as scheduled. The author of this matter has the right to speak. Because according to the author's knowledge, a 6T New York conference was scheduled to be around October 15th, but because the product was not debugged at the end, it was postponed until the end of October.

Liu Zuohu also made a reasonable and direct explanation for the controversial problem of removing the earphone hole. The reason is nothing more than the need to add screen fingerprints and increase the battery. In front of the users, they will have a chance to purchase a 6T because of the screen fingerprint. Or is it because of the opportunity to give up 6T without a headphone jack? With the increasing popularity of Bluetooth headsets, this is obviously an easy choice, so one plus 6T gave up the headphone jack.

When it comes to the design of the mainstream glass cover, Liu Zuohu also revealed some in-house information to the on-site media. First of all, why most mobile phones are now using the back cover of the glass. The main reason is not the trend of Apple, but the popularity of full screen. The inevitable design choices are brought about. Because the full screen screen is enlarged up and down, the space of other original parts inside and below the fuselage is compressed, it is difficult to arrange the signal antennas in the upper and lower parts, and if the metal continues to be used, the signal will be greatly reduced. The use of glass does not need to worry about the signal. The use of glass is not just for beauty, because the glass material will be heavier, thicker and more expensive than the metal material (the yield is lower), but because the signal can not go around, so Everyone finally chose the back cover of the glass.