Want to improve your body's mood and mental health? These five lifestyle changes can help you!

When a person is diagnosed with a mental illness, first-line therapy used by clinicians usually includes psychotherapy and medication, but we may not often discuss the impact of a changing lifestyle on the mental health of the body.

Even people without mental health problems may look for ways to improve their mood, reduce stress, and manage the mental health of their daily bodies. Maintaining mental health allows us to make some positive life changes, although time constraints and economic constraints often It will affect some people to make changes, but we all have the ability to make small changes that we can.

Here are 5 tips to help us improve our mood and mental health. They are:

1, improve diet, start exercising

Natural foods such as green leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains, lean meats and seafood can provide important nutrients to the brain. These important nutrients include magnesium, folic acid, zinc and essential fatty acids. Polyphenol-rich foods are also Brain function is very important, these foods include berries, tea, dark chocolate, special Chinese herbal medicine, etc.

Many types of exercise are very beneficial, such as swimming, jogging, weightlifting, etc. Even walking lightly or doing some housework is a good way to exercise. Activities involving social interaction and exposure to nature may also improve individuals. Mental health. The general exercise guidelines recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise for most of the week, 150 minutes of exercise per week, even short-term exercise will make the body's mood rise.

2, reduce bad habits

Managing problems drinking or drug abuse is an obvious health advice. People with alcohol and drug problems are more susceptible to mental illness than the average person, and their health is much worse. Studies have shown that small amounts of alcohol (especially wine) are There are certain benefits in inhibiting depression, but recent studies have shown that a small amount of alcohol may not have any beneficial effects on brain function.

Quitting smoking is also an important step. Because nicotine addiction people are often dominated by the addiction cycle, this will seriously affect the individual's mood. It may take a lot of time to solve the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, but the chemicals in the brain will Even adapting; quitting smoking often improves the mood of the body and can help reduce anxiety symptoms.

3, give priority to rest and sleep

Sleep hygiene technology is designed to improve the quality of sleep and help treat insomnia, including adjusting the use of caffeine, adjusting sleep time, and ensuring that you get up at the same time in the morning; some people are naturally more likely to get up early and get up early. People, so we need to show some flexibility in this area, of course, especially on the work schedule.

It's also important not to force yourself to sleep. If you can't fall asleep within 20 minutes, then it's best to focus on one activity until you feel tired; the other subject of good sleep is to reduce the light. Exposure, especially to reduce the exposure of laptops and mobile phones before going to bed, may increase the secretion of melatonin, which helps you sleep.

Getting enough relaxation time and proper leisure activities is also very important for adjusting body pressure. Hobbies can enhance the mental health of the body, especially in physical exercise.

4, feel the nature

When the sun is shining, many of us will feel very happy. Ample sunshine can help improve the level of serotonin in the body. It can increase the level of vitamin D in the body, thus affecting mental health. At the same time, it can adjust the body's sleep at the right time. - Awakening cycle. Exposure to sunlight may also need to balance the risk of skin cancer in individuals, so we need to consider the time and skin color of the day to decide.

You may also consider minimizing exposure to environmental toxins, chemicals and contaminants, including noise pollution. If your mobile phone, computer or TV is currently over-utilized, you may need to reduce its use time. The problem is approaching nature. Some studies have pointed out that being in the wild can help improve the body's self-esteem and mood. Trying forest baths is considered to be effective in enhancing the mental health of the body. Studies have shown that pets may be beneficial to the health of the body. Because animal-assisted therapy can enhance one's own happiness.

5, when you need help, reach out in time

Positive lifestyle changes may not replace drugs or psychotherapy, but this may be something that people can do on the basis of treatment; many lifestyle changes are considered positive, such as eating junk food, quitting smoking and abstinence Such changes may be challenging for some people who may need professional support. Some rigorous advice, diet or exercise programs often make us very painful, and we may feel guilty if we fail to meet expectations. So at this time you need to be more tolerant of yourself.

In other words, take a moment to eat a nutritious dinner, get a good night's sleep, or get a few friends close to nature, these methods may improve the mental health of the body.