Seesaw for a period of time to change legs, stand up and walk, do not a posture to maintain a few hours unchanged, do not a seesaw 365 days, in fact, there is not much problem. I've confirmed my Eyes

The habit of seesaw legs, like picking his nose, does not know when to develop. If you look closely, a lot of people will unconsciously legs up as soon as they sit down.

This action gives people a ' sentimental attachment ', but not everyone can do it.

1, why can't I help but skip the legs as soon as I sit down? According to the survey, nearly half of women in the United States love to legs as long as they are sitting, while 21% of men tilt their legs every now and then.

Although China does not have this data, but the big-chested sister observed the surrounding colleagues, 10 colleagues have 6 of the two-lang legs on the office.

Love seesaw Legs This matter in fact it is difficult to fully use science to explain, it and physical comfort, psychological state, habits and so on have a certain relationship.

The body instinctively pursues a comfortable, relaxed posture Seesaw legs, like ge you paralysis, is the body's instinctive pursuit of comfortable posture performance.

People are a kind of tossing animals, like to constantly change posture to maintain muscle tension, seesaw legs, can relax the muscle group of a leg, and make the legs and foot muscles a little easier.

In addition, when people sit down, the seesaw legs can adjust the center and feel more stable to sit up.

Throughout the ages, seesaw legs was a symbol of identity.

It is said that the origin of the name ' legs ' is derived from the signature action of Erlang God. Sichuan poet Quicksand River, the interpretation of Erlang legs, said, ' Not only does Sichuan province have this statement, but also the provinces, which is the sitting position of Erlang God. In my hometown, the main hall of the King's Temple, the statue of the second Lang, and the old Erlang idol of Erwangmiao, Dujiangyan, are so.


Think back to the movies we've seen before, the big guys in the work, boss, after sitting down, will always be very domineering to tilt up the legs. Psychological behavior holds that the love of seesaw is not only a symbol of identity, but also a manifestation of superiority. Legs.

When people are in a safe, relaxed environment, they can't help but tilt their legs.

From a practical point of view, seesaw legs can prevent women from walking, so that men look more fan

In summer, women wear short skirts will inevitably walk, and seesaw legs can avoid embarrassment.

And men on the legs, often can increase the charm value, of course, this should be based on the value of the color.

Of course, more cases may be big chest sister like this, do not know where to put the legs.

2, why does it seem that simple seesaw legs, some people can't do it?

Seesaw legs is a comfortable move, but there are some people in life who are hard to do. After the 2017 Spring Festival party, ' jialing legs ' became a hot topic.

When Jialing learned Zhangxiaofei fancy concave legs, the two men formed a sharp contrast.

Zhangxiaofei legs can turn two corners, and jialing but how also can't seesaw legs.

Most people legs and can put one leg in the position above the knee of the other, with two legs in a natural fell state.

If the legs are thin and long, you can skip the good-looking legs.

And some people try their best is only barely able to seesaw, but the seesaw is not good to see. The main reason for this is that it is related to the fat and thin legs and the length.

Short legs do not have an advantage in the legs of stilts. There are netizens of the metaphor is very good, ' fat people legs thick, relative length is short. Just like you put two long strips of oil together, you can twist a lot of, the short screw together, you can twist the number of times is bound to be less.


When the weight loss is successful, you will find that the original legs, can be easily completed.

But there are some people who are not fat, also can not seesaw legs, or the left leg may be seesaw, the right leg cannot be seesaw, this is why?

In the 70-80 of the last century, some hospitals liked to use benzene methanol as a solvent for penicillin during penicillin injections to relieve pain during the injection process. And the side effect of this operation is that it causes gluteal muscle contracture.

Of course, in addition to intramuscular injections, innate factors, infections and other causes can also lead to gluteal muscle contracture.

If you find your knees close together can not squat, walking on the outside of the eight words, sitting down when the legs are not easy to close, double hip habitual separate frog-style, one side of the thigh difficult to rest on the other side of the thigh, feel the hip muscle was pulled by what, it is likely to be gluteal muscle contracture.

Mild gluteal muscle contracture, in addition to a little effect on the posture, does not lead to physical damage, through exercise can obtain a certain degree of recovery. In addition, the closed-hole nerve is damaged, or it can also cause the legs to be freely seesaw.

Seesaw legs, in fact, belongs to the thigh internal muscle group management, and control this muscle group of the head of the leader is ' lumbar plexus issued by the closed hole nerve ', if the closed hole nerve damage, it is not possible to seesaw the leg to the other leg.

To sum up, if you can not legs, it may be gluteal muscle contracture, closed hole nerve damage and other factors caused, of course, more likely to be short legs and thick.

3, legs stilts more harmful to health?

Often heard that legs seesaw is not good, will affect reproductive health, early appearance of degenerative arthritis, into O-type legs, leading to varicose veins, hypertension and so on.

In fact, these are not the exact harm, after all, in the seesaw legs, we will not maintain a posture for a long time, leg hemp Two legs will change the seesaw.

The real risk of seesaw legs is to cause back pain and scoliosis problems.

When legs, people will inevitably tilt the center of gravity to one side, leading to pelvic rotation and hip tension, time a long muscle strength imbalance, will bring about changes in posture and other problems. And the correct way to seesaw the legs is: Don't be long stilts.