With the use of intelligent fingerprint lock this entrance, smart home market will usher in a massive outbreak! Smart fingerprint locked into smart home entrance | Or will detonate trillions of market

More and more people began to pursue high-quality life, with the progress of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, the smart home market gradually mature, people's home life is constantly to the intelligent deduction.

Smart home or will be the next trillion-tier consumer market Smart Home is the Sunrise industry in IoT applications. In the policy positive, the key technology progress, the industrial system unceasingly improves the industry background, the smart home fits the wisdom City, the artificial intelligence, the consumption upgrade and so on Frontier concept, both in the market and the capital field has received the high attention.

Smart Home Products with its convenient, comfortable, safe, energy-saving, humanized and other advantages are also favored by consumers.

2016-2020E the size and growth of China's smart home market (Source: AI Rui Consulting report) According to AI Rui Consulting report According to the 2018 China smart Home Industry Research report, the 2017 China smart home market size of 325.47 billion yuan, of which smart home appliances accounted for up to 86.9%.

The market is expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of 21.4% over the next three years, and the market will reach 581.93 billion yuan by 2020. The potential of the development of the smart home industry attracts a large number of capital to join, many industry brand manufacturers seize the opportunity of the combination of hardware and software, and actively layout the internet of things home security industry. Since 2014, internet companies, home appliance enterprises continue to move, in the field of intelligent hardware, smart home financing incidents in the forefront. In the exploration of capital, smart home This emerging business style can be described as windy.

Smart home market prospects are limitless, the industry is a pack of deer, China's next trillion-dollar consumer market needs to explode.

Smart fingerprint lock will boost the smart home market for a massive outbreak

So when exactly does the smart home ' spring ' come? Intelligent fingerprint lock as a smart home entry-level products, with just needs, high frequency, identification characteristics, is the smart home indispensable ' facade ' commitment, in the smart home in the future trillion market will become an important link.

Intelligent fingerprint lock becomes the import product of smart home industry Door Lock is the most important device of home security, based on the technology revolution of lock, and constantly from the traditional mechanical lock to electronic intelligent lock. With the development and maturity of intelligent fingerprint lock-related technology, intelligent fingerprint lock is not replaceable, difficult to replicate, the characteristics of simple operation is gradually accepted by more families.

It has remote unlock, alarm, anti-damage and other high safety performance settings, from a number of angles to ensure the safety of door locks, to provide security management and emotional care.

Intelligent fingerprint lock Intelligent fingerprint lock gets rid of the bondage and annoyance of traditional key and increases the way of unlocking with high security degree. With the development of artificial intelligence technology and IoT technology, door locks are smarter and more accurate in biometric identification, human-computer interaction and data statistics, analysis and data sharing.

and intelligent fingerprint lock as the entrance to home life, in addition to the security products to form a systematic security system, with other household products, such as indoor lighting system, indoor entertainment system, indoor air monitoring system, indoor home appliance system and so on have a wide range of links, intelligent fingerprint lock function and application can be connected to more home life scene.

Benefit from the ever-hot smart home market, smart fingerprint locks are the first to be used in high-end residential applications, and in office buildings, banks, government agencies to promote. Intelligent fingerprint lock application Scene Intelligent fingerprint lock market is a blue sea, major industry giants rob the intelligent fingerprint lock industry, internet entrepreneurs, traditional home appliance enterprises, traditional hardware enterprises and venture capital competition intervention. Intelligent fingerprint lock maker Kim Knight captures the opportunity for users to explode with just needed and smart fingerprint locks, cutting from its own advantages into the smart fingerprint lock market.

It is reported that ginnes from products, channels, services to build brand awareness, through the production of excellent products, the establishment of efficient and high-quality after-sales service system, with offline experience to promote online sales of the way to gradually expand the brand advantage, seize market share. In the field of smart home, intelligent fingerprint lock has high user viscosity, high frequency of use, but also the most easy to land, the most popular, the potential market is huge. With the continuous improvement of the intelligent fingerprint lock industry chain, the industry matures, the consumer market continues to be educated, more and more families potential lock-in demand will be stimulated. In the future, with the concept of smart home increasingly hot, intelligent fingerprint lock will be connected to more intelligent life scene, smart home gradually systematic, consumer market will continue to get outbreaks.

With the use of intelligent fingerprint lock this entrance, smart home market will usher in a massive outbreak! Smart fingerprint locked into smart home entrance | Or will detonate trillions of markets.