Casa Di Refrigerator X Tesla: The original creator of Subversion Technology

On October 26th, Casa Di X Tesla 'exploring the beauty of extraordinary life' started the high-end tour. The first stop of the event went into Beijing, users can experience the storage of the Casa di refrigerator and the extraordinary of Tesla. performance.

Casa di refrigerator is the advocate of high-end preservation methods, and Tesla is the first explorer to use the IT concept to build a car. Based on this concept and identity, the Casa di refrigerator, Tesla car together Gather in Beijing, share the technology, life, and art with users, and open up an extraordinary life journey while pursuing the ultimate aesthetics of life.

Technology subversion: from oil to oil

From oil power to electric power, from traditional cars to intelligent cars, Tesla's subversiveness in the automotive industry is self-evident, and it brings new changes to the line and lifestyle. This subversive gene and innovation also exist in Casa Di: Supported by leading technological innovations, and constantly achieve product and even category innovation. It can be said that the iterative update of Casa Di refrigerator products is the highlight of the industry's high-end leaders.

Tesla's subversion has made the car from oil to oil-free. In the evolution history of the Casa di refrigerator, there is also a breakthrough in the industry's oil and Casa di oil-free. This is the noise problem for the traditional refrigerator. Casa Di is the world's first and first application to the home appliance industry's air-suspended oil-free power technology: equipped with air-suspended oil-free compressors, not only let the refrigerator work as a '嗡', but also the first to open the refrigerator cell-level fresh-keeping era .

For the high-end market demand, three major technological iterations in three years, the upgrade process of the Casa di refrigerator has too many industries for the first time and original. For example, the first application of military-grade infrared technology in the refrigerator field, the original infrared thermostat technology, the temperature increase speed is 2700 Double, the temperature sensitivity is improved by 10 times; for example, the original MSA controls the oxygen preservation, locks the nutrition and moisture of each cell of the food by controlling the oxygen, and creates a better quality life experience.

Inspired by technological innovations, there are also original products, from French-style door-to-door refrigerators that break through the traditional pattern, to Italian-style drawer refrigerators, to F+ free-standing refrigerators... every original invention from 0 to 1 is actually Is a new category of innovation. According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, Casa Di refrigerator has triggered at least three industry imitation tides, including Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other global brands have followed suit, listed 'the same paragraph' refrigerator.

Brand fit: from product to concept

Some insiders commented: The reason why Casa Di refrigerator and Tesla can perform on the same stage is the subversiveness of the two in terms of product innovation, as well as the relevance of brand connotation and target positioning.

First, at the product level, both are subversives in their respective fields. It is widely known that the emergence of Tesla is actually a challenge to the traditional automotive industry. Since then, there has been a new term in the high-end automotive field, and Tesla represents A category. In the refrigerator industry, Casa Di is the same as Tesla. It is the first time that Casa Di has passed the technology and experience innovation, breaking through the dilemma of the industry's high-end and more concentrated in the design and quality. 1. When it comes to the high-end brand of refrigerators, the idea is that Casa Di, this is the charm of the subversive.

At the brand connotation level, both have reconstructed the high-end pattern of the industry and opened up a new path for high-end growth of the industry. After the introduction of Tesla, many of the companies focusing on the development of smart electric vehicles such as Weilai NIO and Ideal Zhishang entered the market. Traditional car brands have also begun to introduce hybrid vehicles, which has completely changed the competitive situation. When Casadi’s product innovations triggered frequent global brand imitation, it has already meant the beginning of the reshuffling of high-end brands. Casa Di rebuilds the refrigerator. The promoter of the high-end pattern.

Targeting level, the two pursue the same goal, are committed to becoming a new endorsement of high-end lifestyle. Tesla provides a healthier travel life, focus on the future of technology life; Casa di refrigerator is sticking to 'technology, life, Art's fusion of exploration, every product innovation is the lead of a new quality of life. Take the latest listing of the new Casa Di Tiancheng free embedded refrigerator as an example, it will be 'natural original, natural aesthetics, natural experience' will be the current high-end Fresh life is pushed to the extreme.

Whether it is original technology iteration, disruptive products, brand-oriented lifestyle and restructuring of the industrial landscape, behind Casa Di is guided by the single-in-one mode, focusing on consumer demand and leading high-end refrigerators. The identity of the quality of life aesthetics excavation and interpretation. The debut of high-end tour activities, is the confirmation of the leading strength and high-end leader of the Casa di refrigerator industry, and also indicates that the future will continue to release the influence of high-end leaders, Create more quality life beauty.