Jia Yueting's 5 million shares of LeTV were disposed of by the court last week

LeTV.com released an announcement yesterday evening, saying that according to the enquiry of China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd.'s share pledge and judicial freeze details, it was informed that the company's major shareholder Jia Yueting's 5 million shares of LeTV were released on October 26th. According to Jia Yueting's mail In response, the stock pledge was the judicial execution of the court caused by the default of the personal stock pledge business. After the 5 million shares were decommissioned, Jia Yueting held 9,992,516 shares of LeTV shares, accounting for 25.05% of the total share capital. 86885.8714 million shares have been pledged, accounting for 21.78% of the company's total share capital; the shares of the company they hold are all frozen, waiting for the freeze.

According to the information disclosed by LeTV.com, Jia Yueting responded to the reason for this pledge, saying that on October 29, Jia Yueting received the company’s notice that he held 5 million shares of LeTV shares held in the Oriental Securities seat. On October 26th, we learned about the pledge operation. It is understood that this part of the stock movement is the judicial enforcement operation of the court. Prior to this, Mr. Jia Yueting and Dongfang Securities reached a stock pledged repo business with a loan amount of 200 million yuan for the liquidity of Leshi Holdings. Due to the failure to repay the business on time, the business is currently in the judicial execution stage.

As of October 26, the court had disposed of a total of 3 million shares pledged in Orient Securities, and the proceeds from the disposal were directly used to repay the debts of Orient Securities. The above reductions were passive reductions caused by judicial disposal of the court, as Jia Yueting did not receive disposal. Notice, so did not inform the listed company in advance to complete the information disclosure.

It is reported that all the pledge stocks of Jia Yueting have touched the closing line agreed by the agreement. The progress of the disposal of LeTV shares is affected by the pledge of its stock and the state of freezing, which may lead to the risk of changes in the actual controller of the company.

In addition, LeTV also released three quarterly reports last night. The data shows that the company achieved a loss of 1.489 billion yuan from January to September this year, a year-on-year increase of 9.82%; of which the net loss in the third quarter was 386 million yuan. LeTV yesterday's share price fell by 10.99%. , closed at 2.94 yuan / share, the turnover of 2.53 million hands throughout the day, turnover rate of 8.24%.